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  1. Leighqt

    Do chameleons like to be handled

    My Panther wanted to be let out his cage , we are now chilling on the bed ,with him on my chest as I type
  2. Leighqt


    I know that Cahms don’t like to be handled but after Drago had a feast of a big juicy coahroach he came sat at the front of the Viv , I opened the door for him ,where he proceeded to climb out. We’ve been in the garden together , and we are now sat on the bed next to each other. Bonding at its best
  3. Leighqt

    New baby Jackson’s!

    How old are they when they develop their horns?
  4. Leighqt

    Drago coming on

    He’s approx 8 mths
  5. Leighqt

    Drago coming on

    Here’s some pics of Drago
  6. Leighqt

    New colors!!!!

    Looking good
  7. Leighqt

    Not using tongs

    Looks like I m going to have to start handling Dragos bugs myself instead of using my plastic tongs as yesterday his tongue got stuck on the end a few times, this was obviously concerning but all seems well thankfully.
  8. Leighqt

    Introducing Cosmic Rainbow...

    He’s lovely congratulations
  9. Leighqt

    NEW Dragon Strand Clear Side! AKA Beman's Mansion!

    Is there a Uk equivalent of Dragon Strands,
  10. Leighqt

    Thinking of buying

    Thank for the advice
  11. Leighqt

    Thinking of buying

    Hi all ,can you take a look at these Two products I’m thinking of buying. Are these the right items for my Panther. My Glass Viv is 2ft horizontally , 3ft vertically
  12. Leighqt


    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Drago, Ambilobe, Age approx 7 -8 months Handling - Daily ( ish ) I try to free range him a little Feeding - Mostly crickets (Brown or Black) he enjoys Wax worms as a treat. He gets fed Breakfast about 10 - 12 , then likes to eat again in the evening about 8. I...
  13. Leighqt


    Ok thanks
  14. Leighqt


    He keeps trying to turn his body quickly to get his food from his bowl , Have purchased more vines plants, and will be looking at substrates now just in case.
  15. Leighqt


  16. Leighqt


    Drago keeps falling, has twice landed to the bottom of enclosure, I have temporary padded the bottom, adjusted/ purchased more vines and plants. He has a firm grip when I hold him. Any ideas
  17. Leighqt

    Cham first Aid

    If you were to put together a Cham first aid kit what would you include in it.
  18. Leighqt

    importers in the uk?

    Following this post
  19. Leighqt

    Does your chameleon turn white when it sleeps?

    Yes mine does when he’s sound asleep
  20. Leighqt

    Morio worm confusion

    So are they ok to feed then Kiraral ?
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