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  1. absolutbill

    Custom Viv Thread

    This build looks great - sorry I was out of town for the long weekend when I was tagged, so I'm just seeing this now!
  2. absolutbill

    Happy First Hatch Day to Gordon

    So cute - I love his little pot belly in the one pic!
  3. absolutbill

    Hammy 16 Months Old 5/3/19

    Such a cutie (or maybe I should say he's a little ham for the camera?) :)
  4. absolutbill

    Whats the place that takes in chameleons that can't be cared for?

    Chameo is another rescue. Alternatively there's a Facebook group called Chameleon Gems: A Rehoming Group that might help.
  5. absolutbill

    Considering a medium Dragon Strand ClearSide Enclosure

    We use Great Stuff (the pond-safe one in a red and yellow can), then cover it with the black silicone, and finally cover it with coco fibers. If you build one be sure to go slow, and gradually build up the layers. We frame out what "design" we want on the back, and then use that as a template...
  6. absolutbill

    My Sweet Iguana Piper 4/22/19

    Such a change from the little baby I cradled while he was sleeping so long ago! :)
  7. absolutbill


    My Mistking is attached to a 6 gallon plastic bin that I re-fill when I take my containers to the grocery store and use their water machine. You'll have plenty of water for all of your needs! :)
  8. absolutbill

    Pixie went to Rainbow Bridge

    I'm so sorry to hear about this! Thinking of you.
  9. absolutbill

    Hank is 2 Months Old 4/22/19

    I can't believe how many blues he's showing at such a young age - can't wait to see him grow into his big boy colors!
  10. absolutbill

    my chameleon likes my dad but not me

    Do you have glasses, or painted fingernails? Something that stands out that maybe she doesn't like? My husband is the one who feeds most of the time, but my chameleons have never liked him - they just get a bug about someone and don't like them. She may come around, or she may not, but that's...
  11. absolutbill

    Chameleon lip looks weird

    Are you talking about the dark mark on the top lip? Take a damp papertowel and see if it wipes off - looks like a bit of bug juice to me. When I feed hornworms they tend to squirt and this would be the end result.
  12. absolutbill

    How to lose 500 BSF in one simple step

    Get a dustbuster and just go to town. It's pretty fun sucking them up :p
  13. absolutbill

    How to lose 500 BSF in one simple step

    We've all been there. I had my mom feed my chameleons when she was visiting. She did great, but didn't put the superworms back on the shelf correctly and they fell on the floor. I found them the next morning - I have no clue how many escaped, but we spent quite awhile finding escapees! :LOL:
  14. absolutbill

    Hank (Nosy Be baby) Six Weeks Old 4-1-19

    The red around his eye turrets is amazing, can't wait to see how beautiful he turns out!
  15. absolutbill

    Old Age? Or Something of Concern?

    I'm pretty sure this isn't a cause, but if I'm reading your lighting description correctly you have an infared night light on in your cage. That needs to be removed immediately - chameleons do not need light at night, and a dip in temperatures is actually beneficial to them. I agree that it...
  16. absolutbill

    Emotional Support Chameleon???

    I'm going to be unpopular here for a minute, but honestly the well-being of a chameleon comes first for me, always. Your chameleon is a year old. Did you not realize when you got him that you would be going to college, or that it was at least in the realm of possibliity? College is NO place...
  17. absolutbill

    Large clear side atrium, with drainage tray

    I do spot clean it, and after I sop up all the water then I use an animal-friendly cleaner when the cham is not in the cage to clean. Yes, it's spray foam and it's covered by coco fibers for that "dirt look". The planters are a double-insert, so the one pot is foamed into the cage and won't...
  18. absolutbill

    Large clear side atrium, with drainage tray

    Here's a pic of mine, but not with the plants in it yet. I find that all I have to do, about once a week, is to take some towels and sop up the excess water on the floor of the tray, and then I squeeze them into the plants that might not be getting hit by the mister heads (sometimes my veiled...
  19. absolutbill

    Chameleon heart attack

    I've never heard of this. Could you please fill out the How to Ask for Help questionaire and maybe we can find an answer?
  20. absolutbill

    Hammy Gets a CT Scan

    I'm sorry you have to go through this with Hammy, but those scans were amazing!
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