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  1. ReptiGeek

    My new hand made chameleon enclosure

    Exceptional craftsmanship, great work. I love seeing chameleon enclosure made in to furniture pieces.
  2. ReptiGeek


    Oh Jann, Mufasa's timeline was so wonderful. When I first joined the forums you had just made Mufasa his own personal outdoor 'nest'. I remember thinking how amazing of an owner you were, and I've been a fan of yours ever since.
  3. ReptiGeek

    Time flies!!!

    Holy moly look at the casque on that thing! And his friggin' pattern. He looks great, and still much more photogenic then my green (or should I say brown) grouch.
  4. ReptiGeek


    Thank you! Weird eh? I changed up Naboo's habitat, but nothing else really. Same supplementation schedule and lights. So odd! Great to see you still on here by the way. So many new members! My friend, Lisa, actually started a chameleon breeding business locally and that is why the rest of...
  5. ReptiGeek


    It's about time I post an update. Harley Quinn, Nestlé, Archer and Ivy all went to go live with a good friend of mine, while Naboo, Gizmo and Razu still live with the lady and I. Naboo has gone through a massive change over the past couple of months, and is almost unrecognizable...
  6. ReptiGeek

    Rare chameleon species in canada?

    They are out there, but you need to keep in mind that these species would likely, if not certainly, be WC. We can get Parsons in Canada now too, but they are WC as well.
  7. ReptiGeek

    camera vs phones

    DSLR's are the "professional" cameras. They have detachable lenses, customizable settings, and can take years to finally figure everything out. That being said, the photos you can get with them are astounding. I will post two pictures to compare, one from my Nikon D3200 (DSLR) and the other...
  8. Gizmo's Headshots

    Gizmo's Headshots

    Gizmo, a two year old veiled chameleon, models for his owner's big scary camera.
  9. ReptiGeek

    Boomer 2 yrs old Pics(LATE!)

    Always have been, and forever will be a fan of the all mighty Boomer. He looks great Carol :D
  10. ReptiGeek

    It's been too long!

    Thank you for your comments all! Names just come to me, I wait until I own the chameleon before deciding on a name. Naboo was Star Wars inspired, Gizmo was Gremlins inspired and Razu was named by my girlfriend, who likes Zazu (Lion King) but put a twist to it. Thank you Jann! Always great to...
  11. ReptiGeek

    It's been too long!

    It has certainly been a long while since I posted on the forums. The other day I picked up a portrait lens to take pictures of my new nephew, and figured I would take some of the chameleons too! So here they are, please enjoy. This is Naboo, who was trying to flush out his eye before I...
  12. ReptiGeek

    Lets talk basking lights please

    SolidSnake1 are you a member to another animal-related forum? I swear I've seen that exact username and profile picture around somewhere. I use regular house hold bulbs, but I have also used halogen, reptile bulbs, mercury vapour and metal halide. I currently have metal halide (which does both...
  13. ReptiGeek

    Reposting Boomer Pics!

    I agree with the above posts, if Boomer doesn't get to stud out some females I QUIT. This boy could be in Ambanja, Madagascar and STILL catch the attention from every onlooker, he's that beautiful.
  14. ReptiGeek

    June 2014 Photo Contest

    Just wanted to say that there are some BEAUTIFUL photos this month. Chameleon Forums should have a section that showcases the top three photos (with the approval of the photographers) and people can download them as desktop backgrounds, just add the name of the person on the photo for copyright...
  15. ReptiGeek

    Photos of the ENTIRE Pet Family and the Babies

    Jann! I swear you have the best family in the world (yes I am referring to the scaly's and furry's). They all look so incredibly healthy and happy to be living with you. Keep up the great work, and ALWAYS share photos with us, because they are always so incredible to look at. :)
  16. ReptiGeek

    Please help me

    If you have time to post on the forums, you have time to answer a few questions. Your pets life is at risk and you are neglecting to take more serious action. The 'How to Ask for Help' forum takes 5 minutes to fill out. Are you so busy that you do not have a spare 5 minutes that could...
  17. ReptiGeek

    Unexpected baby chameleons!!

    You can try pinheads in a couple of weeks, stick with the fruit fly's for now. Try to get them into something a bit bigger then the cricket keeper to offer a larger temperature gradient. 80*F is good for the warm side, with a drop down to 70 (even high 60's) on the cooler side. Humidity...
  18. ReptiGeek

    6 more baby Brevs!

    I freakin LOVE seeing these guys on Instagram :D Pretty sure I liked every single one of these pictures when you posted them yesterday. Keep up the great work!
  19. ReptiGeek

    Better and Bluer than Bonsai

    Definitely not better then Bonsai! Bonsai is a legend! MAAAAYBBEEE equals ;) Congrats!
  20. ReptiGeek

    Day off means... Photo time!

    As always, thank you Gabriel. Your continued comments always mean so much to me.
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