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  1. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Where can I get food deals?

    Hey! Does anyone know any websites that ar selling staple feeders for a good price?
  2. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Misting Schedule

    So i just wanted some advice to see if anything needs to be tweaked my misting schedule! 8-8:45am: Fogger goes and I lightly mist the cage for 2 minutes, and then the lights go on at 9am 3-5pm: The drippers goes on and then at 5pm it goes off 10pm-12am: The fogger goes on after the lights go...
  3. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Moth is breaking its own wings

    So I have some five spotted hawkmoths and one seems to be breaking its own wings by flying around and falling? Anything I can do to prevent them from breaking their wings further?
  4. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Can silkworms only eat mulberry leaves?

    Is there anything else that silkworms can eat beside mulberry leaves and silkworm chow? I dont have mulberry trees/silkworm chow so I'm wondering if there is anything else I can feed them.
  5. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Lamp Holder

    So I recently bought a lamp holder for my heat lamp but the one I bought was to short for my cage! The one that would actually fit wouldn't come here until like next month. So I'm not sure what to do.
  6. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Can geckos eat mealworms?

    Hey can leopard gecko eat mealworms? I'm also curious if they can also eat mealworm pupae and darkling beetles!
  7. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Eyes suken in

    So I need advice. My chameleon's eyes seem to be sunken in. I'm aware that sunken-in eyes normally mean dehydration but I've been misting regularly and I have a dripper going on throughout the day. Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Veiled, male, 3 years-ish. About 3 years, maybe more maybe...
  8. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Gecko thinks everything is food

    Hi! Can anyone help me? My gecko suddenly thinks is food and lunges at anything that moves or 'resembles' food! I'm concerned they might and try to eat their tail! They have never done this before
  9. KamaKamaChameleon!

    What basking bulb?

    What do you guys use for basking bulbs? The zoo med one I've been using doesn't seem to be doing its job very well
  10. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Is this plant safe?

    I recently bought a Yucca plant (Yucca elephantipes) Is this safe for veild chameleons? Because the on the safe plant list I read they only listed Yucca filamentosa. ❓
  11. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Orange hornworm poop

    So I fed some of my hornworms carrots and their poop is orange, and in some cases the horn on the bottom is orange tinted to! Are these still safe to feed?
  12. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Sweet red bell peppers?

    I read somewhere that you could feed chameleons sweet red bell peppers? Is this true?
  13. KamaKamaChameleon!


    So basically when I order bugs online it takes like 3-5 days to get here and the only thing I have for food for my lizards is mealworms in the meanwhile which I know probably aren't good for them. We do have a pet store nearby but we can't go as often because y'know? Any suggestions?
  14. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Mantis won't eat?

    Hi! Don't know if anyone here is expirenced in keeping praying mantis but mine just recently molted about 3 days ago and it still doesn't want to eat? I've tired offering mealworms because my shipment of other types of bugs isn't here yet.
  15. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Salt Build-up in nostrils?

    Today I just noticed some grainy salt stuff clogging one of his nostrils and I havent noticed it until now? I'm not sure if its harmful or not and how to get rid of it
  16. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Help! Not eating!

    So my little chamo boy doesn't want to eat anything? I've even tried getting his favorite grub pie and some waxworms but he doesnt even pay attention to them? I think he can open his mouth???
  17. KamaKamaChameleon!


    So my baby leopard gecko whom I estimated at 4 months is 12 grams is that underweight? I estimated so it might be a little off
  18. KamaKamaChameleon!

    What morph is my Leopard gecko?

    I have been doing research and I quite just can't find out what my leos morph is! Here if some options I thought of Jungle Hybrid Normal Hybrid Tangerine Hybrid or am I just being dumb and they aren't a hybrid at all?
  19. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Leopard Gecko

    I got a leopard gecko around Christmas time, I think they are around 4 months? I just wanted to make sure my husbandry is fine. Please be free to critique my care. Gecko Info: Your Gecko - I have a leopard gecko, its a baby so I can't tell what the gender is yet. I think they around 4-5...
  20. KamaKamaChameleon!

    Black hornworms

    I realized something really stinked in my room. And I look at the hornworms and 2 of them are black! What does this mean?
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