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  1. Celtics4Lifee

    Chameleon sleeping during day. Help?

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - 10 month old Female Veiled, had her since early February Handling - I handled it for the first time yesterday for about 5-10 minutes. Feeding - Crickets mostly. Every other day 6-10 crickets.Haven't feed her in a while. Normal Calcium every feeding, Herptivite...
  2. Celtics4Lifee

    Eye problem?

    I think there's something wrong with her eye. Help? Right eye: zpsc82c0e1b.jpg[/IMG][/URL Left:
  3. Celtics4Lifee

    Egg laying problem?

    So my 8 month Vieled is trying to lay eggs. I have a egg laying bin in but it seems she doesn't see it? Idk, she will go down to the bottom and just stay there and when I come to look at her she goes back to the top. She doesn't see the egg laying bin? Please, I don't want her to get egg bound...
  4. Celtics4Lifee

    Cricke Breeding Question

    Can you house 1000 crickets in a 10 gallon aquaurium? They arrive from Ghanns tommrow. And all i have is a ten gallon aquarium
  5. Celtics4Lifee

    Eating problem. Well, idk.

    I don't now if its a problem or not. When I feed Eva, she will go up to a cricket and eat it. Like her mouth is touching the cricket then she shoots it. And when she does shoot from a close distance she misses. Like most of the time. Is it normal?
  6. Celtics4Lifee

    Opinions on cage?

    Added a few sticks, a feeder cup and a repti Fogger.
  7. Celtics4Lifee

    reptile/chameleon vet in Houston?

    Title says it all. Are there any in Houston? Perferably in SW Houston around the SugarLand area?
  8. Celtics4Lifee

    ReptiFogger Problem

    So a fogger came in today, and was going to set it up for my vieled. I set it up, used bottled water and turned it on. The light turned blue, but nothing came out. I left it there for at least 10 minutes and still nothing came out. THe bottle is filled with a good amount. Why wont it turn work?
  9. Celtics4Lifee

    Blue on Vieled?

    So I came home from school and noticed Eva had a bit of blue under her chin. She was at the bottom if the cage. My cricket keeper is a 10 gallon aquarium and its right next to her enclosure. I think she was looking at the crickets frm her cage. But there is blue on her chin, is this normal?
  10. Celtics4Lifee

    How do you know?

    How do you know if your chamelon is gravid or not? At what age do they usually become gravid? Eva is 8 months old. Shes a vieled chameleon from Chams Nw. I was wondering, how you tell if shes gravid? Are there signs i should be looking out for? Much Appreciated (:
  11. Celtics4Lifee

    Repti-Fogger question

    Does the repti-Fogger have a timer on it? Like the monsoon? Example, I want it to go off every 2 hours for 60 seconds? Is this possible on the reptifogger? Do I have to get a timer? If so, which timer?
  12. Celtics4Lifee

    Do her eyes look okay?

    Are they sunken? I don't know anything about sunken eyes.
  13. Celtics4Lifee

    Does she have any problems?

    I found that my dropper has been not working during school and it has happened for the past days. Idk if she's dehydrated or not. The dripper is working again now. Is she okay? Does she look okay? P.S she's that color cuz I took the pic from my iPad and she's freaking out.
  14. Celtics4Lifee


    My chameleon stayed in the same spot for a longtime, almost 8 hours. It's awake and it's eyes are moving and it's also changing colors. She is a 6.5 month veiled and she isn't moving. She is in the same spot she was when she went to sleep yesterday. Please, I'm worried right now.
  15. Celtics4Lifee

    Just wondering...

    She's starting to get black dots every time I look at her from outside the cage or if I open the door. It's the same when I put crickets in or when I'm misting her. Is this normal? She also runs away as soon as I step into the room. Help?
  16. Celtics4Lifee


    What size crickets would i feed my 6.5 month old female vieled. I dont want to stress her by taking her out of the cage and holding a cricket up to her head. What should i do?
  17. Celtics4Lifee

    New chameleon help.

    I just got a new 6.5 month old female vieled. I was wondering how long does it take for her to get used to me. Everytime i look at her she walks the other way. And she always hides from me. Please help, im still a noob. Lol
  18. Celtics4Lifee

    Eva's finalized enclosure.

    I added a drainage system in the back that leads to the cabinet below. Just tell me any ideas you might have or if I'm doing anything wrong. Thanks (:
  19. Celtics4Lifee

    Quick Question. Plz help.

    Please help, vieled arrives tommrow and i dont have it yet. Where can I find calcium without d3 in local pet stores? I've checked petsmart and petsco and all they have is calcium with d3. I've seen the zilla calcium spray but i have a feeling it isn't very good. Where can you find calcium...
  20. Celtics4Lifee

    Fluker's orange cubes

    Are Flukers orange cubes a good product for crickets? Are they enough for a complete gutload? What do you guys think about orange cubes?
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