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    Do Dragon Strand ledges work well on reptibreeze enclosures?

    I was going to get the XL Reptibreeze enclosure, but I want to hang plants on the sides and have branches running across the cage. Does anyone know if the cage will be able to support the weight of some smaller plants like Pothos with Dragon Strand ledges installed on the sides?
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    Designing a new enclosure for Veiled cham

    I still debating whether to buy a dragonstrand enclosure or build one instead, but in the meantime I designed this DIY enclosure on Google Sketchup. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Left is cage and door frame, right is with screen (the screen on the floor wouldn't attach in...
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    I think my chameleon might've been trying to sleep on me

    So before I was going to turn the lights off I had a new furnishing for my cham's cage. I went to install it by going in from up top and she came rushing up to me and climbed on my arm while I was fiddling with the cage. Eventually she moved to my hand and settled on my index finger. I tried to...
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    Curious about mistking's v4.0 starter

    Probably a dumb question but does this come with a reservoir and how big is it? I was reading the description and looking at the pictures and I wasn't sure if that cylinder is actually the reservoir or just a pump. Also would this be enough for a single Veiled enclosure?
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    Suggestions on vine plants for veiled chameleon enclosure?

    Any suggestions on what vines plants are safe for veiled chameleons? I've noticed most people recommend the Golden Pothos (Devil's Ivy) but would any other vines work instead? Also I'm new to owning a chameleon so is there any advise y'all could give me that y'all wish you knew when you first...
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