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    Is this a old burn?

    My Cam is a rescue. Approximately 1.5 year old they think. I don’t see him much. He tends to just hide. I have been worried seeing he has really dark spots when I do get to glimpse him. I know they get dark absorbing heat. Tonight I had to go in his room to get a blanket and fist time I...
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    Crickets hopping about

    Ok so as a new Cam mom, how do i stop crickets from hopping out of the food dish and becoming fast food. two days in my guy knows where the food dish is and eats what i put in. today will be day 1 with crickets, and realized these guys can jump.
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    New to ME Chameleon

    I have a little guy i picked up yesterday. I have all set up txt book, watched videos ect. This guy is a rescue. they said he was 2 years old, and was kept in a small glass Aquarium. SO needless to say he went right to the Pothos and snuggled up to it. Mister timer set, Food was gut loaded...
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    Dripper not working

    I have a bottle with a hole in the bottom on top of my enclosure to drop down. it sits on my top screen. its not going through my screen i noticed. when i pick it up it starts working. so i am guessing the screen is stopping it from going through. ideas?
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    Help with new enclosure

    I picked up a 30x24x48 Dragon Strand enclosure used. I am seeing it may be a model no longer made. It doesn’t have a bottom drainage pan as I see on the new ones on their site. so any one with this can you help me with what I can use for on the bottom.
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