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  1. Stevethecham

    What number do you give??

    Made some adjustments and added a lot more pothos! Clean bottom so easy clean up. What do you guys think?
  2. Stevethecham

    Rate his color!

    What number do you give?! 🦎🦎
  3. Stevethecham

    Swollen Ankles

    So i have noticed a decline in appetite for my boy. Last week he ate barely 2 bugs a day. Then i noticed his ankle getting a little more swollen. He always had big legs in my opinion but i think this maybe is too much.. What do you guys think? Chameleon Info: • Your Chameleon - Veiled...
  4. Stevethecham

    Escape artist

    Soo ever since i've introduced my boy to his free range setup he has been begging to get out a lot. When i walk in the room he turns bright colors en climbs the screen door wanting to come out. I don't really know if this is good or bad though.. Does anyone know?? Chameleon Info: • Your...
  5. Stevethecham

    Blue dots coming in hard!

    Blue dots are really starting to show!
  6. Stevethecham

    Small free range

    Made a little free range spot for my boy! What do you guys think? When he is up here im always in the room!
  7. Stevethecham

    Does my cham look healthy?!

    Just wondering if my cham and enclosure are looking good! Starting to put a lot of effort and money in this little boy!
  8. Stevethecham


    So my cham shedded yesterday en today en this afternoon he turned pitch black.. He is a male veiled chameleon that is 4/5 months old. Is this normal?
  9. Stevethecham

    Playing Outside 🌴

    Sunny Showers🌼🌞
  10. Stevethecham

    Night Time🥱😴

    My boy dreaming about crickets :)
  11. Stevethecham

    Rate my setup!

    Got some new plants for my handsome boy!
  12. Stevethecham

    Gaping while basking

    So ive recently changed the lightbulb form 75 watt halogen to 50 watt halogen bulb. The basking branch gives a temperature of around 78 but my cham will still gape. His body temperature is around 87 on the spine. Am i doing something wrong? He also sits in his basking spot for a long time..
  13. Stevethecham

    Weird coloration

    My 3 months old cham just had a crazy color on him. He looked like a damn cheetah! Anyone know why?
  14. Stevethecham

    Dull colors

    I've got a 2.5 month old veiled chameleon that is not himself lately. His colors seem to be really dull instead of the vibrant green he had as a little baby. I also noticed that he hasn't been moving that much. I'm a little concerned.. Cham Info: Lights: 100 Watt basking bulb exo terra and T5...
  15. Stevethecham

    Color of my 2 - 3 months old veiled cham

    I got my cham a new enclosure ( reptibreeze XL screen enclosure) but ever since i put him in there his colors seem to be less vibrant. At night he looks green and vibrant but never during the day. Humidity is around 50-60 all day. Basking temp between 80 - 85. Im just a little concerned.
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