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  1. mychamsrswellerthanurs

    Purchasing Hornworms in Massachusetts

    Anyone from Massachusetts know where I can safely buy hornworms online? Jaberwock doesn't seem to ship live animals, and I'm having an extremely hard time finding a website that can ship them too my home.
  2. mychamsrswellerthanurs

    Any one from New England? Green winter moth inch worms??

    Living in Massachusetts, apparently winter moth larva are very invasive and have no known predators; Anyone know if feeding them to chameleons would be harmful??
  3. mychamsrswellerthanurs

    Moving Adult Chameleons

    I'm moving to a different apartment and I need to figure out a safe and easy way to transport them. I'm only moving about 15 miles away, but I'm afraid of stressing them out to much. Any tips from the professionals?
  4. mychamsrswellerthanurs

    New Female Panther

    I just brought this beauty home two days ago, already in love. Does anyone know roughly how old she is, or what kind of panther she is? The guy I adopted her from had little to no other info other than she was a she and a baby. these are the only pictures I have on my computer but I can upload...
  5. mychamsrswellerthanurs

    Panther Chameleon vs Veiled Chameleon

    Soo I just adopted a female panther chameleon, and I only have experience with veileds. Is there anything different, (that I wouldn't do for the veiled) I should do for her?
  6. mychamsrswellerthanurs

    Making Friends with Crickets

    My male veiled chameleon hasn't been eating crickets. Which have always been his favorite meal. He lets them crawl all over him now, and just straight up ignores them. Between worms and escaping, and crawling under my potted plants, and now his cricket friends, I have a full blown ecosystem. I'm...
  7. mychamsrswellerthanurs

    My MALE veiled crawling around the floor??

    We lost our female green baby yesterday, and since we got home and disassembled her terrarium he has been looking around and moving around more frequently. He's crawling on the floor a lot (I know for a fact he's a boy and basically the pinnacle of chameleon health) could it be the change in the...
  8. mychamsrswellerthanurs

    White fluid after Oxytocin injection??

    My female Veiled just received an oxytocin injection to induce her to lay her eggs. Our vet's office is approximately 40 minutes away from my house, and by the time we got back home her contractions were more severe and now she has white fluid coming out of her. Is this normal for a chameleon...
  9. mychamsrswellerthanurs

    Female Veiled Update

    Recently, I posted a forum asking questions about my female veiled chameleon, Kiwi. She was having a lot of health issues including runny poo, lethargic, and no appetite. Since then, I discovered that she had a hard bump on her lower back so she was definitely bearing eggs. I took her to the vet...
  10. mychamsrswellerthanurs

    Runny Poo??

    Hello, I'm sorta new in the chameleon ownership world. I adopted two veiled chameleons about four months ago, a male named Samuel Helmetpants, and a female named Kiwi Green. They were roommates up until about a week or two ago when I realized she was sexually mature and they should probably be...
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