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    Baytril dosing in community Pygmy Chameleons

    I've been misting eyes with a hand mister and filtered water. I also run a Mist King ultimate setup.
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    Baytril dosing in community Pygmy Chameleons

    Was first given 'Gentamicin Sulfate Ophthalmic Solution USP , 0.3%' as eye drops, but no changes were noticed in the animals. I also have pure saline solution available (no additives)
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    Baytril dosing in community Pygmy Chameleons

    If you had 4 chameleons in one enclosure, 2 have swelling in eye drain ducts from infections. A third one cham scratches eyes on branches but has no visible swelling yet. The last cham shows no signs. I will defiantly be dosing the two with the swelling, but what about the one scratching...
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    World's Smallest Cham, Brookesia Micra
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    Ambanja needs a new home free (VA/MD/DC)

    Looks good, congrats!
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    Cham wont drink

    Do you have a good uvb bulb on the setup? And are you dusting it's food?
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    Python ban, chameleons could be next, act now!

    Gov't banned 4 species of python, don't let chameleons or any other non-venomous animal be next!! News info...
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    Problems with very 1st Cham...

    When my first female, first got gravid she became very mean. I was surprised since she was so friendly since day one. Eventually when she layed her clutch completely she became quite friendly again. She is an Ambanja panther.
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    Ambanja needs a new home free (VA/MD/DC)

    If you order one (which will probably be way cheaper than getting one locally,) the cham can go a couple days without it. Just nothing long term!
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    Ambanja needs a new home free (VA/MD/DC)

    Also, I wouldn't worry so much about a live plant, it is more to worry about, I would use a fake plant/vine until you get everything sorted out. All you need is a: screen cage thermometer regular incadecent light bulb and fixture uvb bulb and fixture (reptisun 5.0 is best) climbing...
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    Ambanja needs a new home free (VA/MD/DC)

    Look up any 'Panther' chameleon care sheet for specifics, 'Ambanja' is a locale which describes it's color/ where it originally came from. 'Panther' describes what type of chameleon it is. If you have any questions post using the 'how to ask a question form' or you can pm me. OP if it...
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    My Chameleon has had an eye problem for months now.

    I have had the same problem with a rescue panther I received. When I first got her, before her eye was swollen, I gave her Reptaid. She was pretty dehydrated and staved. After it happened: I took her to the vet and got eye drops and had a talk about vit A in chameleons/reptiles, but the vet...
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    dubia nymphs for hatchlings

    Thanks for the tips! I'm starting to think a secondary containment for all the bugs wouldn't be a bad idea. Thanks.
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    dubia nymphs for hatchlings

    Thanks for the tip, I'll have to do some research on them!
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    dubia nymphs for hatchlings

    Has anyone bred chams on dubia nymphs instead of pinhead crix? I can't find a clear answer in this section.
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    if she sees you looking at her

    If she sees you while laying her eggs, will she abandon the hole completely, or will she cover it up and just retain the rest? also is her eating after she is taken out of her lay bin a sign, shes good to go? or will she eat either way? thanks
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    Carrot juice as natural dewormer

    of all things you would still have to mist it, i dont think they recognize standing water
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    exo-terra incubator sucks -- update on the clutch

    sometimes those digi thermos are also wrong, i've also read people complaining about those incubators in reviews
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    How do you give vit a?

    I have found 8000IU soft gel capsules at CVS and cheaper at Walmart, but hate not knowing how much I'm giving
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    How do you give vit a?

    I'd like to start including some in their diet and can't find an easy method.
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