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  1. Trailgem

    Adult dubias Heeelllpppp

    Omg, I just got them. They really have wings. Can they fly? Honestly, they probably will die because I’m scared to death of them. gigantic/nasty/flying...omg those characteristics Just doesn’t go together.
  2. Trailgem

    My Mistking doesn’t make a sound.

    It’s connected to power and cable shows a green light, but nothing... no vibrating or anything... I disconnected it, but nothing. Anything I could do or did it just die after not even a year?
  3. Trailgem


    I want to make sure... if I have a couple Arcadia’s (or whatever brand) that I am not using and they are still in the box, they will not expire after 12 month, correct?
  4. Trailgem

    Dragon ledges... where to put them on the clear cage?

    Do I have to poke a hole? Seriously? I might cry
  5. Trailgem

    Pinworms.. what’s next?

    I cleaned everything... I soaked it in bleach solution for about 20 minutes and rinsed everything off after. (Everything but the plants) I washed the plants with water and kind of blasted the dirt until it exposed the roots. Do I have to do that every day until he’s done with the treatment...
  6. Trailgem

    Fecal Result...i see something [pics attached]

    thinking it's pinworm, but I am not sure. what else is there? Help
  7. Trailgem

    I ordered my fecal “kit”

    To start doing my own fecals on my chameleons. Hope it’s as easy as it sounds. Cheaper in the long run...
  8. Trailgem

    Cage stand. Need designer input

    So I somehow found a cabinet in the exact size as my cage will be 24x34 (well almost, I have a couple inches in width to play with) Anyway, it was pretty ugly when I got it. I’m trying to figure if I should paint it all black or leave the top and the drawer... or what else.... It kinda got...
  9. Trailgem

    Outside isopods...

    I just found a bunch of them. The grey ones... can I use them for my Bioactive or will they eat my white dwarfs?
  10. Trailgem

    Look what I just got...

    Came in the mail. I’m excited like a little kid. It’s sooooo big.... I had to share, cause everyone here thinks I’ve lost my mind.
  11. Trailgem

    Mbd question.

    This is not about my Chams, this is a friends Cham. I haven’t seen it in person for months... and I can’t fill out the form for it either. I do know he bought a linear t5 and a mister, but that’s all I know, no ideas what the details are about the light. I remember back then said he bought...
  12. Trailgem

    Humidity and temperature measure (devices)

    I didn’t have much luck with those. They always malfunctioned on me, waterproof or not. I did try the sensor push on Lizzie’s cage, and it seamed to work fine. Only issue I had, I literally had to stand 5 feet from it, so I couldn’t check while at work. I bought this stupid gateway, and...
  13. Trailgem

    CUC how long does it take??

    I set up Lizzie’s cage to be Bioactive about 3 month ago. I had an ant problem and started over about 2 month ago. Today I played I. The dirt, and I can’t see any CUC. No ISO’s or springtails. How long does it take for them to be visible? Or are they hiding? I haven’t seen any of Lizzie’s...
  14. Trailgem

    Lizzie is digging...

    Am I not suppose To feed her?
  15. Trailgem

    Dusting lightly... what does that mean?

    Seriously, I’ll add some loCal to a container, add the crickets or Dubias and shake the hell out of it. Too much? It’s a serious question...
  16. Trailgem

    Lizzie looks a little thick...

    What you think? Maybe she just ate too much. Her Bioactive is now about 7 inches tall... I tested it... it shouldn’t fall in when she starts digging.
  17. Trailgem

    Dragonstrand, I need the deep tray??

    So I’m preparing my Bioactive culture and everything I need for my Medium Tall Atrium Clearside (30″W x 23″D x 48″H). (Which I should be getting soon, I hope) I wanted to order the deep subtrade tray, but shipping would cost me almost as much as the tray itself. So my question is... how bad...
  18. Trailgem

    Rehoming a friends Cham, S. Carolina (Free)

    Long story short... I already have two cages, and they are expensive, I can’t take his Cham... So I’m helping him out trying to rehome his I know he bought the basic Cham kit, so we know the cage is too small. He did buy a linear light, he doesn’t know what kind. Has a bunch of fake plants in...
  19. Trailgem

    What bug is this?? HELP!!!!

    Please don’t tell me this is a roach... my house is clean and I am freaking out. It’s very small. I’m pretty careful with my Dubias and crickets... so I’m not sure how this could’ve gotten out, but I found a few in my house.
  20. Trailgem

    Table for cage

    What are you guys using for a stand/table? Medium Tall (30″W x 23″D x 48″H)?
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