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  1. Chamfam1987


    Hey how’s it going I have real plants and real vines and stuff in my chameleons enclosure and I found a mushroom in there this is actually one of a couple that I found I don’t think he eat them I just wanna know what kind of mushroom it is and if it’s gonna hurt him
  2. Chamfam1987

    Black iris

    OK I have a Ambanja panther chameleon. He is about a year and three months old he eats crickets Dubia roaches hornworms black soldier fly larva these are dusted every day with calcium twice a month with calcium and D3 I have a missed king water system set up he gets to five minute sessions and...
  3. Chamfam1987

    Panther chameleons Iris turning black

    Been dealing with eye issues ever since he was 4 months old now it’s affecting his eating
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