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    Sissroe and his cage

    I need some advise on making my on cage for my chameleon ,I do not know whether I can stain my boards or what can i do not to harm my chameleon. Can anyone tell me what to do or what they know they have heard. I would like to hear from someone thank you Sissroe.
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    Chameleon Stress

    I really hope you don't think i'm that i'm that stuped not to give him his needs but im not going to explain to you about uvb do you really not think after 4 year old chameleon does not uvb he goes any where in his cage and out side of his cage when i am watching him to climb on to a 7 ft. ficas...
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    Chameleon Stress

    Oh yes i do not have to cover .all 3 sides and they get plenty of water from their sprinker stem. I have never had to cover their sides and i don't think i will.Thank you Robin
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    Chameleon Stress

    Well i don"t think experience is all ways the best way to go,your chameleon has to live in a glass cage under a light at all times or he will g oto cold,my chameleon lives in my sunroom in a wire cage and can go all over his cage and he lives buy a sunroon window where he can get sun at any time...
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    Chameleon Stress

    what do you have your chameleon in now glass or screen?
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    Chameleon Stress

    I beleave you should let them live the way they live in the jungles close to the way they are suppose to live. There is so much more of the feel of plants and air and so much more . I am not going to go in to detail but you can not tell me living in a closed in area is better than open,i have...
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    Chameleon Stress

    I had my 1st chameleon in glass and he died because they do not live in glass they should live in a screen cage with real plants i cannot beleave no one has never told you this.You really need to look into this before you lose him. He cannot get no fresh air or anything.
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    He still won't let me hold him.

    I have a panther chameleon and i cannot open his cage door without him wanting out,i think it has a lot to where you get your chameleon at.i got mine from a personal breeder that take there time with them. I am getting another one saterday from the same breeder.
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    chameleon grow light

    I have had my chameleon for 2 years and i had my other one for 4 years lost him,but he had a bad eye and i think it was from a grow light,i would have to doctor it.I want to get another grow light but i want to know what to get cause i do not want to hurt his eye,i have read on here to get 2ft...
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    bad right eye chameleon

    my chameleon keeps having a bad right eye closing on him I have eye drops to put in it but it does not get any better. I took him to the vet about a month ago and he said it was shedding inside his eye but I think that is over with so I guess I will have to take him back again unless someone...
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    Plant lighting (my first thread on the forum!)

    I have a ficus a croton a pothos another ficus and I have a double grow light on top of my cage and it all works great so you need to try you grow light good luck
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    Plant lighting (my first thread on the forum!)

    I have a grow light and I like mind it does a good job, I have a double grow light that fits on top of my large cage, my cage is a 2 by 2 by 4 I just put my chameleon in about 3 weeks ago he is still getting use to it.You need to try one I have 4 flowers in mind. good luck
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    Really hating my Schefflera Plants. ><

    I tried a umbrella plant and all the leaves fell off so I got rid of it and then I got a larger cage for my chameleon so I got 2 ficus 1 pothos 1 ctoton inside my cage and I got a real nice double plant light and have not had any more trouble. I could not spend all that money and then let them...
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    heat lighting setup for 2x2x4 cage and DIY PVC Drain

    I just moved my chameleon to the same size cage and the man I got him from told me that his basking is suppose to be 90 to 98 so I got a 100 watt and it has not hurt mine so far so it is up to you bou mine is running about 88 to 99 at different times. Most of the time in the high 90's. so good...
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    Cage lighting power

    My chameleon is very healthy thank you very much and as of right now he is on top of a branch under the long 10 uvb light enjoying his self so I don't think I have to much for my chameleon I think you need to take care of yours and don't worry about mind.thank you very much.
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    Sanitizing Fake Plants from RI

    Well i really beleave in using real plants i can tell the difference and i know my chameleon can tell when the water gets on them the real flowers hold the water where he can lick the water off. If it was me i would go some where like lowes and get me a couple of plants.They are not two much i...
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    Genetics and Prices on a good ambilobe and

    I got my chameleon from chameleon paradise 1.5 year ago but i did not tell Bruce what color i wanted my chameleon to be i just wanted one and he has been very healthy and good he lets me put eye drops in his eye every day and i have order another one but i told him i wanted a red one that he...
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    Cage lighting power

    ;i don't think you understand what i have on top of my cage but if you want me to tell you again i will i only have 3 fixture on top of my cage and it is not falling in . All i have is 1 double, 1 single,and the double basking and uvb light now do you understand any better. thank you
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