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  1. ChaoticNightsReptile

    Leopard Geckos

    Need to make up for cost of table at Phx Reptile Expo.. all leopards on sale. May entertain certain trades. Photos taken with flash, color may be washed out. Buyer to pay shipping, quote will be provided. Hypo Tangerine Snow 50% het Raptor $50 Tangerine Snow 50% het Raptor $45...
  2. ChaoticNightsReptile

    My new baby Heteronotia Binoei

    Traded for this cute little Heteronotia Binoei at the Phoenix Reptile Show.
  3. ChaoticNightsReptile

    The Rescued Tokay

    This guy was brought to me after being rescued at the Tuscon Reptile show (Thanks Syn :rolleyes: ), and he was in terrible shape. He was super skinny, dehydrated and covered in bite wounds. Well I am amazed the gecko lived past the 1st week and now it is time to show him off...
  4. ChaoticNightsReptile

    Mourning Geckos (Lepidodactylus lugubris) for Sale

    We have plenty of Mourning Geckos for sale. Don't miss out on your chance to pick up a few of these adorable little geckos. 1 Mourning Geckos is $30, buy 3 and get them for $80, larger group discounts can be done as well. Shipping to the Continental USA only, shipping is $50. Local...
  5. ChaoticNightsReptile

    Our baby Crested Geckos

    We have 5 of these little geckos and here they are in no particular order :p Enjoy :D
  6. ChaoticNightsReptile

    CBB Red Eyed Croc Skinks (Triblonotus gracilis) for sale

    We have 2 juvenile unsexed CBB Red Eyed Croc Skinks (Triblonotus gracilis) for sale. The Thanksgiving Trib: The January 2010 Trib: They are $150 each + cost of shipping. They are happily eating crickets, roaches, phoenix worms and the occasional mealworm. PM me with any questions
  7. ChaoticNightsReptile

    Tip: wear shades for the 1st Leo

    More Leo babies that needed to be posted. Enjoy :)
  8. ChaoticNightsReptile

    Baby Leopard Geckos

    Some older ones with new pics and some new babies too. Hope you enjoyed them :)
  9. ChaoticNightsReptile

    The Baby Leos so far

    Snow Bell Super Snow Bell Enigma Super Snow het Bell Super Snow Enigma het Bell
  10. ChaoticNightsReptile

    My 1st Leo Hatchling of the year

    She is a cute little thing
  11. ChaoticNightsReptile

    Elvira in the Sun

    We had her out side for some sun :)
  12. ChaoticNightsReptile

    Many of my Leos

    So here are most of my Leos :) Suzaku female Bell Albino Nazo male Hypo Tangerine Enigma het Raptor Kiyoshi male Mack Snow het Raptor Kurenai female RAPTOR Kenshin male Jungle Mack Snow Eclipse het Raptor Yuki female Super Snow het Raptor Yahiko female Mack Snow Miyuki female Snow...
  13. ChaoticNightsReptile

    The Brazilian

    A lovely snake, but she also loves to bite your face :eek:
  14. ChaoticNightsReptile

    Some Red Eyed Croc Skink pics

    Just some shots of our Tribs, both adults and hatchlings Our 1st baby A comparison shot In a bin on cleaning day 2 little ones
  15. ChaoticNightsReptile

    Hello everyone

    My name is Dan and I have been keeping reptiles for more than 25 years. Recently I was considering adding a cham to my collection and this place seemed like a great spot to begin researching what species to go with. I am really interested in the Pygmy Chams, they are just too cool. At this...
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