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  1. Sweetcorn

    Sleeping Cutie!

    I love this photo of Monty Tiff. He's just such a little sweetie :D
  2. 4 Month Old Hoehnelii

    4 Month Old Hoehnelii

  3. Sweetcorn

    The hoehnelii are 4 months old today!!

    That's the problem Tiff. It's a shame that more people don't keep and breed them. I'm hoping Joanna will breed her pair of hoehnelii and then I could have a female from her :)
  4. Sweetcorn

    a few random Bradypodion and Kinyongia pics

    I love your Kinyongia Uthmoelleri.....they are stunning!! That second pic looks like a mosaic :)
  5. Sweetcorn

    The hoehnelii are 4 months old today!!

    He does still have them so I'll get him to either bring them home or I'll go and get photos of them there. My reasoning for keeping a female was that I was told that there is greater success rates in raising babies from CB rather than WC. So thought by having a CB female it would be easier...
  6. Sweetcorn

    The hoehnelii are 4 months old today!!

    Thanks. I think you're right with that. He's always been brighter than male 2 :) Thanks Tiff....if I could I would. It's going to be very hard to part with one of them :(
  7. Sweetcorn

    The hoehnelii are 4 months old today!!

    Thanks :). Very sneaky LOL Yours sounds like he's a gorgeous colour. I'll look foward to seeing pics of him when you have him settled :)
  8. Sweetcorn

    The hoehnelii are 4 months old today!!

    Thank you Chris. I was hoping that one might have been female. Would have made choosing which to keep much easier!! Thank you :) Thanks. They were born at the reptile shop that my husband runs and he gave me 4 to raise at home and he has 2 at work. My reward is getting to keep one of...
  9. Sweetcorn

    Pictures of your veiled chameleons

    This is my 8 month old boy Kirby.
  10. Sweetcorn

    The hoehnelii are 4 months old today!!

    I started with 4 but unfortunately lost 2 at 2 months old. The remaining 2 are doing really well though and both have had their first sheds. It's been a real experience raising these babies but seeing these 2 looking so healthy has made it all worth it :D If anyone can hazzard a guess...
  11. Sweetcorn

    The great escape!!!

    Well I hope it's secure or he'll be airborne across the room ;) Thanks Shane. It has made a difference with Kirby. Normally if I'm in the room he hides away and today for the first time he came out while I was cleaning the bottom of his cage. He still hates to be handled but we're getting...
  12. Sweetcorn

    The great escape!!!

    Here you go.....just a couple of hooks either end :) I had a look at your boy....he's very impressive!!!
  13. Sweetcorn

    Elly is One Year Old Today

    Happy Birthday Elly....what a beautiful girl she's grown into :)
  14. Sweetcorn

    The great escape!!! is a full time job looking after them but I love it. I'm carer for my Mum which means I'm home all day and that makes it alot easier. I'll get some close up pics tomorrow for you to show how the bungy is secured. Oh and Kirby is 8months old :)
  15. Sweetcorn

    The great escape!!!

    You're very welcome. It really wasn't that hard to be honest (at least it wasn't for my husband lol). The two lengths of bungy cord are just stretched and attached very securely to each wall. I then just wrapped some vine around it to make it look more natural and give him places to hide...
  16. Sweetcorn

    New Arrival - A girlie this time

    She is absolutely stunning and congrats on your new addition :D The girls are definately starting to outshine the boys!!
  17. Sweetcorn

    The great escape!!!

    I don't have any lights on it. He only comes out from 4 until around 7 and then I put him back in. I would eventually like to have some so he can be out longer though. Took this pic this afternoon for you. Had to stand on a stool to be able to get it all in though LOL
  18. Sweetcorn

    The great escape!!!

    Sounds good :) Well touch wood, so far Kirby hasn't done any poops while he's been out so you should be ok. Just make sure you've got a hat on if you're standing underneath, just in case LOL
  19. Sweetcorn

    Blossoms beautiful colours.

    Thank you :)
  20. Sweetcorn

    Baby's First Steps!

    What an amazing experience Tiff :D
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