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    Why is my panther going to the bottom of his cage?

    Hello! My husband and I have a male panther chameleon, about 8 months old and he’s been exploring the bottom of his enclosure a lot recently. He seems to be at the bottom most of the day just climbing around like he’s looking for something. He has live plants- an umbrella tree and a butterfly...
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    Is she sick??!?

    She just laid her first clutch yesterday, 23 healthy eggs. She’s been eating and drinking fine. However, when I went to check on her earlier, she had this coloring. I can’t find any good info on here, but I swear I saw a cheat sheet that said these colors were bad news. Please tell me I’m wrong!!!
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    Help with female panther egg laying?!??

    Hi, I’m new to posting in here, but hoping to get some advice. Our female panther was bred on April 17. She started displaying her gravid colors about 2 days after that. About 3 days ago, she started digging in her lay bin. She has been in and out since then, but never covered up her hole. My...
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