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  1. ken2414

    Weird "wart growth" on head

    yeah seems like calcium. if im not mistaken those are benign and can be removed. ive heard of problems from getting them removed because of infection. looks weird tho haha.
  2. ken2414

    Half Albino chameleons

    and kinyonga FTW. there kind of creepy looking with no pigment or just pink. looks like they are skinned.
  3. ken2414

    Chameleons in the Classroom

    Very cool! spread the education
  4. ken2414

    Shower time for the panthers (lots of pics)

    you should enter the ones of them drinking off each other in the photo contest, if you already havent! that is to funny!
  5. ken2414

    Bizarre Veiled bahavior???

    yeah i think it could be trying to cool off. or something interest him. try to cover the soil and ssee what he does.
  6. ken2414

    MY Panther boys are both 1 Now!!

    wow your very lucky. you both sides of the spectrum in those guys! ive always wanted a red and blue panther. the colors on panthers is so crazy, could you imagine seeing that in the wild.
  7. ken2414

    lost my chameleon

    haha this is funny. reviving an old thread. and to think i was going to offer insight.
  8. ken2414

    Pothos plant

    haha i dont like to trim them, i kind of just let them go crazy. but just make sure you dont trim a lot, ive done that with ficus and it never grew the same again for some reason.
  9. ken2414

    Didnt seem right?

    people at pet stores usually dont know what they are talking about. get all three, you would really need to eliminate the one with d3 if your cham was getting a LOT of sunlight. so them saying no d3 is the wrong idea in the first place.
  10. ken2414

    Lighting question?

    just stick to the quality 5.0 hood light like reptisun or exoterra. the one it probably came with was low quality.
  11. ken2414

    I Need a Cham Sitter!

    im in chula vista. but im going to be gone all weekend.
  12. ken2414

    Baby Flappers!

    flapnecks are prettiest chameleons hands down (besides some of the panther variations of course) :)
  13. ken2414

    Poop stuck on Cham's butt!

    this threads so old! haha its from last year according to the first post.
  14. ken2414

    Help me age this Jackson

    is he sleeping? it looks like his eye is closed, could mean he is sick? good luck :)
  15. ken2414

    some new pics

    the first picture is funny haha. idk why jusst his posture.
  16. ken2414

    vitamin spray.

    wait you spray the chameleon with it? well i just stick to minerall twice a month for vitamins.
  17. ken2414

    Pothos plant???

    yup, as long as you clean them (pesticide) they work great for climbing, and spread like wildfire around your cage. ive had one for 2 years still growing in the cage. its longest vine is 6 feet long
  18. ken2414

    My new Jackson's chameleon

    have you thought of putting a live plant in there?
  19. ken2414

    Exo Terra Repti Glo or Zoo Med Repti Sun (5.0)

    yeah I use exo terra when they have specials on LLL. i got 2 for like 16, but they dont last as long IMO. I want to actually get a UVB detector to see which one does, but its like 250 dollars :eek: so now i just swap the exos out like every four months or so.
  20. ken2414

    Live Plant Help

    i hear those are hard to keep, if i am not mistaken. try umbrella plants, they are pretty hardy as long as you dont drown them
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