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  1. DonKeesh

    1 Nosy Be 2 Cages

    Anyone else totally spoil their chameleon with an indoor AND outdoor cage? Bioactive planter box design outdoors and floating garden with drainage tray indoors. Moving one back and forth was not possible so 2 Cages for one chameleon it is!
  2. DonKeesh

    Anchoring Plants and Branches to Screen Cage: DIY Alternative

    There are many methods to achieve this and dragon ledges are the best option by far, but for you DIY folk out there this is how I do it. @Beman thought this method was unique so would be happy to share. The goals of this method is to have all the weight of branches and potted live plants...
  3. DonKeesh

    Heavily Planted: Seeing your chameleon is a special treat.

    Heavily Planted outdoor cages allow a chameleons natural behavior to bloom. This includes basking in the morning and hunting and hiding in the dense vegetation during the day. The rare sightings make it all the more spectacular.
  4. DonKeesh

    Solarmeter 6.5r... I'm addicted.

    Finally got a Solarmeter 6.5r and boy is it fun. Using a quad t5 fixture with 3 6500k bulbs and 1 Arcadia 12% I am getting 2.5 UVI at basking site and pretty much all over the top area of the cage about 6 inches from top of screen. The fixture is on legs about 3.5 inches above screen. A bit...
  5. DonKeesh

    Grasshoppers eating my cage plants!

    I have been relying heavily on wild caught feeders this summer. I threw in a couple big green grasshoppers into the cage and checked a couple hours later... The grasshoppers were eaten by the cham but had enough time to eat a large portion of my Maranta prayer plant leaves. Anyone else have...
  6. DonKeesh

    Let's see those outdoor enclosures!!!

    The mandavilla did amazing this year. So happy with the chameleon academy planter box idea!
  7. DonKeesh

    Furcifer Pardalis Tail Length Variation

    Hello, Has anyone done any research on panther chameleon tail lengths? I am anecdotaly seeing a wide variation of tail lengths on social media. My Nosy Be has a much shorter tail than a typical panther and is actually shorter than his body. Tail is approx 5.5 inches and SVL is approx 6...
  8. DonKeesh

    Anyone working with F. Oustaleti?

    Hello, Does anyone know if anyone is breeding furcifer oustaleti in the U.S. ? I know they are invasive in Florida and I know they are very common in Madagascar which makes me wonder why they aren't more commonly available captive bred. I had one in early 2000s from kammerflage before they...
  9. DonKeesh

    How Do We Save Madagascar?

    Anyone have any recommendations on how an individual can help the dire conservation situation in Madagascar? How does one get involved or donate to the cause to stop the spread of slash and burn agriculture due to out of control population growth?
  10. DonKeesh

    Garden Hose Water Filter for Chameleons Outdoor Enclosure

    Hello, Does anyone have experience using a garden hose filter (typically used to grow organic plants) such as this or a similar product...
  11. DonKeesh

    Why double heat lamp fixture but only one bulb?

    I have seen numerous caging pictures using the zoo med dual bulb deep dome fixture but only one heat bulb... why is this? Thanks!
  12. DonKeesh

    Flap neck and Senegal Chameleons

    Hello, What's the current status of some of the legacy species from the 90s and early 2000s such as senegalensis and dilepis. I remember seeing them in mass at all types of pet store. Are these species still available or being worked with in captivity? Thanks!
  13. DonKeesh

    Starting a Breeding Colony 101

    Hello All, Exactly how does one start a breeding project? If I want to work with a very rare species such as Crypticum (if even available) what is the protocol for starting out? Do you start with a single pair or more? How do you keep new blood when breeding future generations? Is there...
  14. DonKeesh

    Tap/Hose Water OK for Outdoor Cage?

    How harmful, if at all, is it use normal tap water from an outdoor hose to water chameleon? Misting system is installed inside and I use RO to prevent build up in mist heads, however for quick few hour trips into the real sun I don't want to bring all the equipment out, but still want to offer...
  15. DonKeesh

    Best Potting Soil for Plants in Cage.

    What are some steps that need to be taken when adding a new plant? Do they need to be cleaned and re-potted? If so, what is the best soil for indoors (do the kinds that say "less prone to gnats" work?) What about putting large pebbles on top of soil so cham cant ingest soil, is this needed...
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