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  1. Psychomunky

    Eye bulging! Please help!

    After the morning mist, my wife noticed Yoshi acting strangely wiping his eye on a branch, there was fluid coming out and it’s really swollen, but he has not moved from his branch all morning, there is no foreign object possibility, so I ask could he have gotten water into his eye area or...
  2. Psychomunky

    Yoshi’s Custom Enclosure/Free Range Habitat

    So I am opening this thread to discuss ideas for Yoshi the Jackson Chameleon’s enclosure area. I want to build something awesome, where he has LOTS of room and different areas to go. So this area in my “office” is where it is going to go. As you can see, the area is perfect for a wedge of...
  3. Psychomunky

    New Jackson’s Dad

    So I am a father to 5 wonderful children, 2 dogs, and now this fella here… So I’ve done the reading as everyone suggests. I know I made a lot of the rookie mistakes. First of all, this is my first reptile. I know, I wasn’t supposed to do that, but it’s done now and I am looking for help to make...
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