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  1. ElliotG

    The difference a plant can make.

    I just wanted to show you guys the progress I’ve made with my one Chams cage. I thought his cage was bare so I got a huge plant for him. Im hoping he’ll love his new plant. Not the sturdiest but I just wanted him to have more coverage. As you can see the pothos lined up I’ll also be hanging...
  2. ElliotG

    One Eyed Wonder!

    Algae is the One Eyed Wonder! He hunts like he’s got three eyes instead of one! Here he is eating his catch. What lovely little buggars i must say.
  3. ElliotG

    Thanks Kamikaze!

    Just got my shipment in from @Kamikaze Chameleon! Pictures of the Madagascar roaches and isopod. I think I got other roaches too. Maybe a chrome head roach? Let me know if you know. Here are the ones I’m a bit confused on. Besides that, it seems to be going great. The roaches are in their...
  4. ElliotG

    Update on Algae.

    Decided to post a new thread for the problematic little man. We went to the vet today and it went well, asked for the person most experience with chameleons. He did a few X-rays to determine that Algae has an upper respiratory infection. We got 21 days worth of antibiotics and we hope that...
  5. ElliotG

    Chameleon hasn’t pooped in 3 weeks?

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - A 3 year old male Veiled Chameleon. In my care 3 months. Handling - At least 1-2 a week for cleaning. Feeding - I feed Dubai’s, silkworms, super worms and hornworms occasionally. I gut load with collard greens and mustard greens, veggies like carrots and bell...
  6. ElliotG

    Roach questions?

    So I’m wanting to start a roach colony soon. Or at least get some more variety for my reptiles. My question is what would be the best roach to start a colony with? And could you possibly keep multiple roaches in one container? For example could I keep green bananas with red runners? Or keep...
  7. ElliotG

    Carpet chameleon and vet!!

    So as many of you know. I’ve been looking at getting a carpet cham with an eye problem. I finally got him and took him to the vet today. Wasnt a very happy camper. We had another vet come in to check him out, same clinic, and she seemed even better than the last! It was great, she was gentle...
  8. ElliotG

    Progress for Zeppelin.

    I just wanted to show the progress of my older cham. Never in a million years did I think I would own chameleons and enjoy it but I’ve been proven wrong. They’re a high maintenance reptile compared to the leopard geckos I owned but I think that’s what makes them amazing. Zeppelin before I got...
  9. ElliotG

    Carpet Chameleon?

    So I’ve been doing looking around and trying to settle for a 3rd chameleon. There’s a carpet cham in my local pet shop. He’s a very beautiful and docile little boy, seems to have a problem with one eye though (keeps it closed, wish I got a pic). Climbed right onto my hand when I asked to take a...
  10. ElliotG

    Quick and easy cage cleans?

    I’m just in need of a few ways to clean a cage quickly and easily with chameleons inside cage. I injured myself badly yesterday and unable to use my left arm since it’s in a sling and half of my left hand is numb along with other issues. It’ll probably be a long healing process, so I won’t be...
  11. ElliotG

    Sleepy Chams (:

    Caught both my chams sleeping and couldn’t help but share. I didn’t think chameleons looked so cute sleeping but I was proven wrong.
  12. ElliotG

    Chameleon Doesn’t like Powdered Calcium

    Hello! This is my first post, so thank you for accepting me into this lovely community! I have a Veiled Chameleon at the moment. I’ve had him for about 4 weeks now, he’s around 3 years old according to the person I bought him off of (the people I bought him from obviously had no idea how to...
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