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    What do you guys use for staples?

    Dubias would be the best alternative to crickets. I also can't stand crickets. They stink, die off quickly. Yuck. I have spend a lot of time taming our vailed and teaching him to eat prepared food, so he now gets mostly canned food as staple -- daily feeding of grass hoppers and soldier worms...
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    Reptile Addicts Anonymous... Who wants to join?

    Step one, admit you have a problem, which you did. Step two, send me some of your reptiles immediately. :ROFLMAO: Step three, realize I also have a problem, I mean, I am trying to help you with your problem. Step whatever is next because, man, those are beautiful colors. Step... oh, forget...
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    Do chameleons like to be handled

    Do humans like being branded with a hot iron? That's basically the equivalent most of the time. I am obviously exaggerating but for a reason. If you want a reptile you can handle, go with a Bearded Dragon or something with similar disposition. Some chameleons can be tamed, some seem to "enjoy"...
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    Bioactive Setup -- Mold Problem

    Thank you. The sides are mesh, so ventilation should not be a problem. There is a large drainage layer. That leaves springtails. I have seeded a large amount already. I actually have a whole bunch in the coal in a container. Will add them right away. Thanks again for the feedback!
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    Bioactive Setup -- Mold Problem

    I have increased the misting schedule to dial in humidity. Now I have some mold growing on the outside of the dirt. Looks like the organic dirt part is growing some mold. Anyone had this problem and if so, what's the solution?
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    I've had a pretty good luck with two sellers on Amazon. Both shipped quickly and quality product.
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    White stuff in his nose.

    I agree. A vailed at that age has a ferocious appetite. He should be eating as much as he'll eat, honestly. @GeoCham made a few really good points. I also love feeding mine hornworms and feed more than recommended here. Just watch out for watery stools. Hornworms are a great way to improve...
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    Lump near chams vent help appreciated

    Looks like an abscess caused by an infection. It's not a sperm plug. He needs to see a vet as soon as possible. Also, consider a new vet.
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    How to lose 500 BSF in one simple step

    This really cracked me up.
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    White stuff in his nose.

    You can also buy commercial gut load. The orange cubes are useless. Bug Burger is very good. Many others out there. I use a mix of fresh and commercial gut load.
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    You'll need a drainage layer like the hydro balls you have. You could use lava rock or similar. The point is to keep the weight down. Next, you will want a layer of organic soil. Next you can opt for something like the Exo Terra Plantation Soil. It's light and will allow the soil beneath to...
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    White stuff in his nose.

    I went to the one in Tinley Park, IL back in March. He'll be fine.
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    Necropsy on my chameleon GRAPHIC PICTURES

    Note to self... make sure I don't bump into you in a dark ally. I may come out missing a kidney. :LOL::LOL::LOL:
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    White stuff in his nose.

    If the fixture is okay and is compatible with the lamps you need, then you just need to buy a new lamp. Don't use an old one. Go to the show and you'll find great products, feeders and other things. The one I went to was very good and the prices were great.
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    White stuff in his nose.

    You could get this one... It's only $58 and fits the bill...
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    White stuff in his nose.

    Key word in your response is --- I don't know. You can go with "I think" it will work or you can make sure it works. I am not trying to be tough or mean. I am simply sharing what I know to help you avoid unpleasant outcomes. You cannot guess and hope for the best.
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    White stuff in his nose.

    This could work... but you will not like the next part. By using unknown to us light with a lamp of unknown output or remaining useful life you get, as you can guess, unknown outcomes. If you have a UVB or UV index meter you can measure the output to make sure it meets the minimum required...
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    White stuff in his nose.

    Yes, definitely a male. Looks different from the initial pics. I don't see any signs of MBD but... and this is important, MBD develops over time. You are supplementing which will can also slow down the development of the disease. The only way to prevent it is to provide proper diet, supplement...
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    Hope this does well!!!

    Looks good. Upgrade the lights. You may want to consider additional lighting options to improve plant growth. Don't forget to seed it.
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    White stuff in his nose.

    I hate to say it, but this is not an inexpensive hobby. If you are not able to purchase the right equipment, you will struggle to keep this animal healthy. I would also take another look at those rear legs. I second @Beman -- he looks like a she.
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