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    Panthers not eating

    They are more than likely around 2 years old, the male ate one cricket yesterday and then stopped, and the female has gone 2 days without eating, and yes they are in separate enclosures. I have a towel hanging over one side of the females cage so they cannot see each other.
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    Panthers not eating

    Just got in two WC Panthers, currently have them set up outside in the natural sunlight. They were eating fine the first two days I had them. Suddenly they are not showing much interest in food. Indiana, around 80 degrees. being watered every hour or so. They are still drinking fine, still...
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    Male ambanja wc or cb.
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    Not sure

    After being forced to get rid of my 5+ panther that ive had I can now hadle more chams now with out having to worry about have to get rid of them again. I have 2 or 3 empty cages right now with light fixtures, supplements, spray bottles almost every thing is ready to go buy im not sure what type...
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    Any importers/exporters here?

    I'm looking to fill a few empty cages and expand my panther breeding projects. I'm either looking for nice ambilobe pairs or ambanja pairs. I can't seem to find and importers on kingsnake.
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    Falys,Ambanjas,Ambilobes Male Or Female

    The title says it im looking to expand my breeding colony. Please pm me with pictures and lineage info. I would prefer older Panther Chameleons but any age is fine.
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    have 55 gallon fish tank i'd like to use to house a chameleon

    I don't think a chameleon is for you then. You can handle some chameleons but not all like most animals. Also a 55 gallon fish tank is not what a chameleons need. They need more vertical space then they need horizontal and the glass is also not a good thing.
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    Female panther.

    I'm looking for a female panther that is ready to breed I'm looking for either ambilobe, faly or ambanja.
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    Female nosy faly preferably older

    Title says it I'm looking for a female nosy faly to expand my breeding group email at or message me.
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    Gravid Female panther help

    My gravid panther has started having water drip from her mouth and she appears to be dropping dirt (Dirt in the water) and she has one eye closed. She was fine yesterday. I gave her a warm shower to help her a little im not sure what else to do. Update She has both eyes open with her mouth...
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    Gravid Panther checkup

    Thanks I don't want her to be to weak to lay.
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    Gravid Panther checkup

    My Gravid panther is currently 22 days gravid. She wont eat I know most females don't when they are about to lay but she hasn't eaten for awhile. I'm worried she will not have the energy to lay her eggs.
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    Gravid female questions

    I have a plant that covers most of the bottom should I take it out? The only other plant I have is a hanging plant from the top. She would be due to lay her eggs on the 9th then which is what I had saved already as the date. From what I can feel I can tell she has eggs. I'm so anxious for her to...
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    Gravid female questions

    Oh no I don't keep them together. But what is the average time for a panther to be Gracie before laying her eggs? I also have a large plan that covers the bottom should I take it out and ink have my hanging basket and replace the plant with a laying bin?
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    Gravid female questions

    My female fall gapes at my male now( they bred 2 weeks ago today). I have a few questions. How long until she will lay hers eggs or when should she? Also should I be able to feels eggs by now in her?
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    Warm Indiana day!! :D

    I live in Columbus and it was warm but rainy.
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    Title says it just send me a pm or email me at
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    Does she have eggs?

    I bred my female Faly to my male Faly about a week ago. Now my female is plump looking but I'm thinking its way to early for her to show these signs already I'm not sure how to feel for eggs but take a look at the picture and tell me if you see the bumps.
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    New to breeding chams

    Thanks. I sent you a pm because I have a few more questions.
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    New to breeding chams

    Can anyone help me with this?
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