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  1. amalthea23

    Tongue Use Question

    I have a 10 month old male panther chameleon, and I have a question about his tongue. When he eats on his own, loose bugs in the cage, he occasionally misses, but otherwise, is fine. When I hand feed him, it seems like his tongue doesn't fully extend and when it does, it's not "sticky." That is...
  2. amalthea23

    A Curious Eye Issue

    Ok, so, I've now had my cham at the vet for this issue twice. Two separate vets, He's been on 3 different medications. Here's his living parameters: Basking temp: 97-102 12 hours on, 12 off. UVB 10.0 tube bulb (not coil) mistking every other waking hour between 1-3 minutes. In between in summer...
  3. amalthea23

    Eye Irritation from bulbs.

    So, I knew there were stories about eye irritation from some UVB bulbs, but I honestly thought they were all out of circulation. Now, however, I'm not so sure. I'd bought a zoomed reptisun bulb a while ago, and never really thought about it, but after my cham had his recent eye problem, with two...
  4. amalthea23

    Can a chameleon have allergies?

    Ok, so, I took my cham to the vet a while back to treat his eye, which was sunken a bit. The vet found a small piece of stuck shed and removed it. He gave me a course of eye drops, which I did, but saw no improvement, so we tried a new kind of drop and the eye did improve. Now, in the mornings...
  5. amalthea23

    Well, I'm finally going mistking

    So, after about a year and a half, my exo terra monsoon's timer finally went wonky on me yesterday, so I've ordered the mistking starter kit. Any tips from current owners with setup? Also, the mistking and exoterra use the same tubing, can I use my (now extra) exo terra tubing as extension parts...
  6. amalthea23

    Feelings on chams in cups?

    So, this past weekend I went to another reptile expo and again saw a few tables where chams were crammed into half pint deli cups. I *might* be able to deal with seeing them in a quart cup for a limited travel situation. And mine was shipped in a pint cup, but he was a TINY baby! These were sub...
  7. amalthea23

    How To Go To The Vet

    So, this morning I took Drogo to the vet for his eye issue, and that's been handled, but I couldn't help wondering what's the best way to go about the trip with the least amount of stress? It was COLD outside today. Absolutely brutal. Obviously, I kept the car warm. I had him in an explorarium...
  8. amalthea23

    Eye problems

    So, my panther chameleon, Drogo, was having some eye issues. It seemed like some stuck shed. I rinsed it out and it got better, but now it's a bit runny. He seems to have ok vision, he's eating like crazy and hit shots are all on target. He's got a vet appointment on Wednesday morning (the...
  9. amalthea23

    Split screen cages

    I'm looking for a reptibreeze style cage, at least 30" high, 18" tall, with a separator down the middle. Could just be a screen one. I know there's a company that makes them that should be at an expo I'll be attending soon, but I thought someone on here might know of a place as well, in case...
  10. amalthea23


    Has anyone else had trouble with live cricket deliveries this winter? I've ended up going back to buying in person, though I'm wondering if it's safe to get online again. I breed dubia, but my panther likes crickets too, and I have a lot of toads and frogs, but three deliveries in a row arrived...
  11. amalthea23

    My Etsy Store Is a Cham Lover's Dream!

    Hey all! I'm an owner of a Kammerflage baby, and a photographer, and some of my prints, and jewelry based off of those prints, are now on my etsy shop! Thought you might like to take a peek!
  12. amalthea23

    Question about heat requirements

    I have a male ambilobe panther cham from Kammerflage Chameleons named Drogo. he's now 10 months old, and he's an absolute sweetie. GREAT personality, great colors, eats, poops, he's perfect. I love him. My question: he enjoys free ranging, in particular, when I come over to do his daily cage...
  13. amalthea23

    Is it really gaping?

    I'm wondering if there's a difference between gaping from overheating and just general open mouthed dissatisfaction? I just switched my 6 month panther from his 30" baby cage to his new 48" adult enclosure and since the switch he's been in an utterly pissy mood. Mouth open, and colors are dark...
  14. amalthea23

    Is my Cham Eating? (aka, am I just being paranoid?)

    So, my Jackson's cham has, in theory, been gravid since 12/1. (Ridiculously detailed saga on her website, Pre-mating, she was 89 grams. She was up to 99 grams on 12/18, and then a Christmas weigh-in had her at 107 grams. Subsequently, on Jan 14, she went back to 99...
  15. amalthea23

    Wrinkles everywhere!

    Hi there! So, I have a female jackson's. She was mated on 12/1 and is pretty clearly gravid. She's eating every so often, and drinking like CRAZY. She's also gaining weight, and now looks like she's going to shed shortly. She's shed before, but this time she's quite wrinkled! She's never seemed...
  16. amalthea23

    Weight of a healthy jackson?

    Hi there. I'm curious as to what the weight of a mature adult male and female jackson cham should be? Any ideas? I'm trying to figure out if I'm on the right path, my female currently clocks in at 2.5 ounces.
  17. amalthea23

    Too Friendly Jackson's?

    I have a female jackson's cham, Mordrid. We've established a habit where every morning, I go to her cage, open the door, and hand feed her a couple of phoenix worms. Then a little later, I bring her crickets. On nice sunny days, I'll take her outside to sit in the sun and soak up some UV, which...
  18. amalthea23

    My First Cham!

    I just got my first cham last month, a Jackson's named Mordrid. I've been living in a constant state of worry, but it seems like she's doing ok. This is my first "advanced lizard" and I want to keep her happy! Anyway, here's some photos of her doing everyday things. The first photo is the...
  19. amalthea23

    Question regarding activity level.

    So, two weeks ago this Sunday, I came into possession of my first cham. She's a Jackson's, purchased at a reptile show. Her stats are as follows: Handling: The first day I held her a bit, and she had one other outing just sitting on my head while I worked on the computer. Otherwise, she's just...
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