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  1. DonKeesh

    Tips to convince mom to let me get another cham/reptile

    I prefer one at a time personally... I have had multiple at once in the past and I enjoy the hobby the most when I can focus on the advanced husbandry of one chameleon. Either way pace yourself in this hobby.
  2. DonKeesh

    the Non-indigenous Oustalet’s Chameleon, Furcifer oustaleti (Mocquard 1894) (Squamata: Chamaeleonidae), in Southern Florida...

    I heard the introduced oustalets are all gone from Florida. People removed them more rapidly than they could reproduce.
  3. DonKeesh

    UVb lights

    @StarCham the only way to factually know is to test them with a solar meter. Recreate the setup and take a reading and see if the UVI was in range.
  4. DonKeesh

    Can you help me identify?

    That sucks man, sorry to hear. That was sudden even for WC.
  5. DonKeesh

    Thoughts on Wild Horn Worms

    @Mountain Dragon I don't have experience feeding wild horn worms, I stick to grasshoppers, katydids, cicadas for wild prey. Wouldn't be opposed to trying though.
  6. DonKeesh

    Swollen back legs

    They don't appear to be that abnormal/swollen to me but maybe it's just the angle. My chameleon started shedding sections of it's body and not a complete shed around 18 months old.
  7. DonKeesh

    1 Nosy Be 2 Cages

    Thanks! @Mountain Dragon The plants are (top left) goldfish plant... (top right) jade pothos... (Bottom left) Maranta prayer plant.
  8. DonKeesh

    1 Nosy Be 2 Cages

    Yep that's the exact one! If it's summer I just put him in the outdoor cage for a day or so after fertilizing the indoor plants. I do thoroughly spray down the cage and plants with RO water in my pump mister to wash away any fertilizer that comes out of bottom of pots. Then I just clean the...
  9. DonKeesh

    1 Nosy Be 2 Cages

    @Snuits @Beman thank you both! Indoors I use the oddysea quad fixture with one 12% arcadia T5 and 3 6500k vivosun T5s (on provided legs). And the incandescent heat bulb of course. I also fertilize the indoor plants with organic espoma liquid fertilizer for houseplants (when the chameleon is...
  10. DonKeesh

    1 Nosy Be 2 Cages

    Anyone else totally spoil their chameleon with an indoor AND outdoor cage? Bioactive planter box design outdoors and floating garden with drainage tray indoors. Moving one back and forth was not possible so 2 Cages for one chameleon it is!
  11. DonKeesh

    UV Sanitizer for enclosures

    In the reef keeping hobby these are highly debated. Definitely good for killing water born parasites that can affect fish and microscopic algae blooms. However it also wreaks havoc on beneficial bacteria, which are very important in the reef environment. Not sure if there are beneficial...
  12. DonKeesh

    Are we doing UVB wrong?

    I will just add that husbandry and exotic veterinary are two different realms in my book. I will listen to vets 100% when it comes to medical procedure and treatment, but when it comes to husbandry I will always listen to keepers with the most experience. Sometimes you have to keep the animal...
  13. DonKeesh

    Can you help me identify?

    @StarCham Can u dm me the name? I am trying to compile a list of WC species available to the hobby for breeding project candidates. Thanks!
  14. DonKeesh

    Can you help me identify?

    Where did you order him from?
  15. DonKeesh

    keeping cham outside year round

    Yes a veiled would do great outside. Just make sure the cage can be in shade on hot days, it helps if the cage can be on wheels. The planter box design from chameleon academy works amazing. They do best when facing east and can get about 2 hours of morning sun and then shade the rest of the day.
  16. Nosy Be and Mandavilla

    Nosy Be and Mandavilla

  17. DonKeesh

    Lighting is giving me a headache…

    Much more experienced and helpful keepers here. Also check out for the most up to date and advanced chameleon husbandry.
  18. DonKeesh

    Lighting is giving me a headache…

    Don't get me started on the chameleon subreddit, they also aggressively push chameleons drinking out of glasses instead of misting. It's insane and harmful to the entire community imo.
  19. DonKeesh

    Fishing Store Crickets

    As long as you gutload them before feeding I would say it's fine imo.
  20. DonKeesh

    Best light for plants?

    Any powerful light that is 6500k. I use a quad fixture with 3 t5ho 6500k tubes and 1 UVB tube, and it grows plants well. The jungle dawn's LEDs are also very nice.
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