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  1. Mrsbruce10

    Update on my veiled cham

    Thank yall for helpful advice and tips .. Our mando is doing sooo good ! She just went through her first shed and she is growing nicely. She has a great appitite :) We have had to re arrange her plants a bit but i think they are finally perfect. She seams very happy and stays a pretty green...
  2. Mrsbruce10


    Hello everyone!!!! I had originally planned to wait to get our first chameleon until we could build the set up and have everything needed but a trip to a local super small reptile store changed our plans in a heart beat. They had 2 chameleons there i wish i could have gotten both but they...
  3. Mrsbruce10

    Questipn about a diy enclousure

    🦎 Hello !! I am so glad I found this group..... My Family and I are fixing to buy our first chameleon. I've been researching like crazy but there seems to be so many contradictions. I have already learned alot by the threads here. We are wanting to build an enclouser but I have some questions...
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