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  1. cryogen

    Chameleon Vets In Germany

    Hello. I was hoping that maybe some of the German members could help me out in finding a good chameleon vet in the Kaiserslautern area. The vet on base doesn't see anything besides dogs and cats and their list of off base vets seems to just be dog and cat vets as well. I figured before I gave...
  2. cryogen

    Hedgehog Needs A New Home

    Hey everyone. My little sister bought a hedgehog after she went off to college thinking she'd have enough time for it but after one semester she realized that wasn't the case. My mom is now taking care of it and they want to find it a new home. So if anyone in Florida is interested they can...
  3. cryogen

    My panther is a grumpy bastard

    My male panther isn't the friendliest either. But once I started hand feeding him he started acting friendlier towards me. He will never let me touch him or hold him but he does allow me to sit and watch him or have my hands in his cage while I'm cleaning up and stuff now. He's so nasty about...
  4. cryogen

    how do i get angry reptar out?

    I bought some gloves called Rose Pruning Gauntlet gloves from Lowes earlier this year so I could safely take my mean guy out. I put them on (they're thick leather and got up to your elbows) and grab him carefully and then set him down into his travel box, or the shower in your case. I was using...
  5. cryogen

    Your OTHER pets

    We have five ball pythons and one dumeril's boa, a lionhead rabbit, a betta, and a chocolate lab as our other pets. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of all the snakes and the few I found are really old (they were so tiny then!). But here's a few of my "kids." Our lemon pastel and spider...
  6. cryogen

    Fellow Floidians!

    That video was so cute! I guess she doesn't care about how they taste. :)
  7. cryogen

    Fellow Floidians!

    Good question! It would be nice if they were good for something. I'm not sure if they'd go for it though. I tried feeding some to some wild brown anoles one day while I was bored at my internship over the summer. They'd pick them up and then spit them out very quickly. The insect eating fish...
  8. cryogen

    Lot's of shedding guy just shed last week and I remember thinking the same thing, "looks like snowflakes." Went to check on him during the day and BOOM, looks like a blizzard happened in his cage.
  9. cryogen

    Fecal Results

    Thank you everyone for the help. Yeah, when I was researching I noticed it was common in poultry and that's why I was confused. He's never had an earthworm. The only thing he's had since we got him are crickets, superworms and silkworms. We've had him for roughly 3 months now. Our first...
  10. cryogen

    Fecal Results

    I can't wait to post exciting and fun things like pictures on here and not all these posts about my poor chameleon's fecal test results. :o I just got a call from the vet saying that his last fecal came back positive for ascaridia galli, which is a roundworm they said. He has an appointment...
  11. cryogen

    Rescue This Jackson

    I just wanted to put my two cents worth in here...ignore me if you want. I don't think its a good idea at all to release him in the wild. He's not native to CA, even if there is already an established population. That website even said they don't know the damages or changes they could do in...
  12. cryogen


    Oh no! I didn't see any on him yesterday. I haven't had a chance to check today since his light just came on and he's a tad grumpy, or grumpier than usual I should say, in the morning. I'll give him 30 minutes to wake up a bit and give him a looking over again. I really hope he doesn't have...
  13. cryogen


    Yeah, I have a feeling it was from their bedding. All the ball pythons are now getting switched to newspaper or papertowels. The dumeril boa likes to burrow in his bedding so I'm thinking I'll just bake his new bedding in the oven to kill anything in it whenever his cage gets cleaned. The...
  14. cryogen


    Thank you so much for your help everyone. :D That makes me feel better knowing that they're probably snake specific. I'll keep an eye on him and do a good in depth tiny black dot hunt everyday just to be safe. I'll get the mite treatment and the mineral oil tomorrow. I've designated that...
  15. cryogen


    I was just wondering what the signs/symptoms of mites are for chameleons? And how you would go about getting rid of them if they do have mites? I don't think our chameleon has them but I just noticed two of our snakes that live in the same room as him have mites. We're going to be treating...
  16. cryogen

    Anyone excited about the 2012 Subaru Impreza

    My husband has an 06 Impreza. I'm not that thrilled with his - maybe if he put a spoiler on it, it wouldn't look so much like a plain family car. I just googled the 2012 and it's not bad looking, but still a bit plain for me. But my opinion doesn't mean much since I'm more of a flashy muscle car...
  17. cryogen

    Stores shame shoplifters

    They do this at the petstore near us. Its pretty crazy what people get away with. They have a picture of lady cradling a parrot in her arms and just walking out the door! Seems strange that no one caught her but I guess if they were super crowded maybe she could slip by. There was another one...
  18. cryogen

    New Family Member (:

    I see them every now and then at my parent's house. Next time I'm there and I see one I'll attempt to catch it for you. Attempt being the key word there...I haven't "lizard hunted" in years. lol
  19. cryogen

    New Family Member (:

    I used to have one as a pet when I was younger too. My neighbor caught it for me when we first moved in because he saw me running around catching the brown ones all the time. I always cycled through the brown ones I caught - feeding, holding them, caring for them for a few weeks and then letting...
  20. cryogen

    This is to cute

    awww, cute! I wish mine would learn that trick. He always freaks and blinks his eyes and does that eye bulgy thing whenever I mist, even though I'm never misting directly at him or anything.
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