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  1. Freedom

    Eggs fertile or not???

    My female veiled chameleon just laid her first clutch of eggs, 44 to be exact. I have had her for 5 months now. When I got her they told me that she was a male so they may have put her accidentally in a cage of males when she was younger.The eggs look white but this is new to me and I'm not sure...
  2. Freedom

    Showing new colors!!!!

    My baby female veiled is showing new colors, orange dots all over!!! I heard somewhere that orange is often seen on males but she doesn't have a spur. It's still a girl, right?
  3. Freedom


    I recently put a laying bin in the enclosure for my female veiled chameleon due to being more active and wandering around the bottom of the cage. I just checked on her and she is eating the dirt. Should I take out the laying bin???
  4. Freedom

    Average weight for female chameleon??

    Do you know the average weight of a 8 month old female veiled chameleon? Mine currently weighs 83 grams.
  5. Freedom


    I got a baby veiled chameleon about 3 months ago who is currently 8 months old. At first I thought it was a male but with further researching I notice that it's a female. I know what to do if and when it lays eggs but I still don't know how to recognize when it's ready to lay. I recently have...
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