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  1. Sweetcorn

    The hoehnelii are 4 months old today!!

    I started with 4 but unfortunately lost 2 at 2 months old. The remaining 2 are doing really well though and both have had their first sheds. It's been a real experience raising these babies but seeing these 2 looking so healthy has made it all worth it :D If anyone can hazzard a guess...
  2. Sweetcorn

    The great escape!!!

    Kirby loves nothing more than free ranging in the afternoons. Managed to sneak some pics of him today now that he's brave enough to come out with me in the room :lol2:
  3. Sweetcorn

    Blossoms beautiful colours.

    Been a while since I've been on and as Blossom is now 6months old and has just shed, I thought it was time for some more pics. I hope you like her :)
  4. Sweetcorn

    Breakfast time

    Finally had some success this morning with getting the shot I've been after for ages. Got these of Blossom picking off her crickets this morning :2thumb: And this is just a pretty shot of her outdoors the other day :flrt:
  5. Sweetcorn

    Hoehnelii babies now 6 weeks old.

    Well they will be on Sunday :) All 4 are doing really well so far. They are outside 24/7 unless it's very stormy weather and then I worry that they'll be blown away. First up is my favourite and has some great colour coming through. Most likely I'll keep this little one.
  6. Sweetcorn

    Mr & Mrs Smurf

    I got this breeding pair of Lygodactylus williamsi from a friend of mine recently. They are the most amazing geckos to watch, very active and of course stunningly beautiful. Mr Smurf Mrs Smurf
  7. Sweetcorn

    It had to happen eventually.

    I got another :D On Thursday myself, my husband and a good friend did a day trip of 700 miles to pick up new reps. One of my new additions is this gorgeous little ambilobe female. She's 3 months old and is settling in really well so far. If it moves it gets eaten LOL She was a little...
  8. Sweetcorn

    Eye problem with baby hoehnelii

    Nugget is my 6 week old hoehnelii baby. Ambient temp in the room is 22c. Housed in a faunarium with mesh lid. Paper towel substrate and silk plants and twigs. Feeding on micro crix & fruit flies. Misted 3 times a day. Is pooing daily, slight yellow/orange to urates I've noticed...
  9. Sweetcorn

    Little bit bigger Kirby

    Well I was warned that they grow like weeds so I shouldn't be surprised really........but I am LOL Kirby has doubled in weight in just two weeks from 9g to 18g. He'd just shed too so took some new pics of him after I weighed him.
  10. Sweetcorn

    Tr. hoehnelii babies

    My husband has had babies recently from two female hoehnelii that he has in his shop. The first female only had the one baby about 5 weeks ago and yesterday the other female gave birth to 7 babies. The older one I have here and have decided to keep after trying unsuccessfully to resist...
  11. Sweetcorn

    Little Kirby

    Took some updated pics of Kirby today after celebrating him taking his first food (silkies) from my hand. As it was a sunny day we spent an hour or two soaking up the rare sunshine again.
  12. Sweetcorn

    Just made my day.

    I've had my young Veiled Kirby for a month now. He's never overly keen on me entering his home to feed/spray/clean and no way would take any food from me. So last week I ordered some small silkworms which arrived today. Eagerly rushed upstairs to see how he would react to this new delicacy...
  13. Sweetcorn

    First day out for Kirby

    Well we don't often get nice sunny days in Cornwall but today it was lovely. So I decided it would be a great time to get Kirby out for a couple of hours to enjoy with me. His first day out went really well and he seemed to enjoy sitting on his hibiscus. Meanwhile hubby was hard at it...
  14. Sweetcorn

    Is there a difference?

    I've noticed with my baby veiled Kirby, two different colour changes when he's not happy. At times he'll gradually go grey all over and eventually black. Other times he'll develop very black spots all over but still with the bright green showing through. I was just wondering if one...
  15. Sweetcorn

    Shiny as a new penny.

    Well I've had Kirby for nearly two weeks now and he's settling in really well and is a total joy to watch. He had his first shed with me and was amazing to see how quickly the shed flakes. One minute he looked fine and the next was covered in large flakes. So anyway I took the...
  16. Sweetcorn

    My new little man Kirby

    Just joined here and thought I would show off my new little addition Kirby. I've only had him since Sunday but he's already made a very big impression :D
  17. Sweetcorn

    Hi from the UK

    Hi everyone. I was very kindly pointed in the direction of this forum by Miss Lily. She's already given me some great tips and it looks like there's tons more still to learn on here :) I got my first little 3 month old Veiled Chameleon on Sunday. He's settling in well and very active and...
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