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  1. Cheezilla

    Gutload ingredients

    Just went to store and tried to grab as much as I could remember or find..let me know if any of these are bad for gutloading or if anyone has any other suggestions. Bee pollen Spirulina Brewers yeast Spelt powder Spelt berries Oat bran Whole oat groats Two types of granola with honey...
  2. Cheezilla

    Zoo med Reptivite vs. Exo terra multi vitimin

    This question is for veiled chameleons ...I have been using the reptivite as my multivitimin.. I also have the exo terra multi vitimin that I never used before..are they basically the same or is one better than the other? if the exo terra multi vitimin happens to be the better option would I...
  3. Cheezilla

    New to forum

    Hello everyone! I am new to the forum. I purchased a female veiled chameleon back in February. Did not know much about chameleons so didnt know gender. About two days later unexpectedly after scratching at ground for two days she laid about 15-20 eggs on the bottom of the cage( now in learning...
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