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  1. kissarose

    He is finally eating on his own again!!!

    Yeah, we learned our lesson! If I was vengeful person, I would take care of her precious little dog (that I can't stand) the same way, she took care of our chams. But lucky for her I am not that mean!
  2. kissarose

    He is finally eating on his own again!!!

    I just thought I would share my happiness! We came home from vacation and saw that our oldest male panther had become dehydrated (sunken eyes). Apparently my sister in-law, who was supposed to be giving our chameleons water everyday, forgot a few times (I was very angry considering we are...
  3. kissarose

    How do you pick names

    Clyde- we had a Bonnie but she passed away not long after we got her. Chamille- I thought the name flowed (Chamille the Chameleon). Cash- We named him Cash because we spend a lot of it on him! We like the "C" names.
  4. kissarose

    Exo Terra Incubator?

    I was wondering if anyone has used the exo terra incubator for breeding their panthers? We have a gravid female and are wondering if this is a good incubator and what the ideal temps should be for panther eggs.
  5. kissarose


    Meet our new 10 month ambilobe male...Cash!The pictures don't do him justice! One look at our Chamille and he was all over her! Finally after months of trying to get our other male Clyde to go after her. I just hope everything else goes right!! I am just excited he is so beautiful!!!:D
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  8. Cash


    10 month ambilobe male
  9. Chamille Playing Peekaboo

    Chamille Playing Peekaboo

  10. kissarose

    crickets getting stuck....

    We did the same thing after talking to our local reptile shop owners. We have a wonderful small reptile shop her in the Twin Cities, that has helped us out a lot with our questions and we have gotten to be good friends friends with the owner. She actually told us not to use those styrofoam back...
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  13. Chamille


    Our 12 month blue bar ambilobe female
  14. kissarose


    I know glass cages aren't recommended but we moved him to a screened one and he didn't seem like himself in there. We moved him back and now he is moving around again and just seems happier. We have screened cages for our others he is the only ones that seems to prefer this type. I am home all...
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  17. Clyde


    Our 14 month male ambanja
  18. kissarose


    This is the eye we were questioning. He is starting a shed so I am assuming he is properly hydrated. Kind of lost?!
  19. kissarose


    I am not so sure he is blind anymore. He seems to be able to follow the feeders with both eyes just fine. But when he goes to grab them his aim is way off. I had to wait for him to open and put the food in his mouth with the tongs.
  20. kissarose


    I am sorry there are 2 spiral 5.0 13 watt UVB
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