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  1. seanUTD

    Stanley, 1.5 y.o. BB Ambilobe

    I am looking to rehome Stanley my 1.5 year old blue bar ambilobe. The sire was Clint of the forum user Red Island (BB Ambilobe) and the mother was a ambilobe breeder from FLChams so he is a pure ambilobe with stunning colors that for a time were pretty well known on this site but due to school...
  2. seanUTD

    Mistking not working

    My mistking has abruptly stopped spraying, I can hear the pump working when the cycle comes up but the water seems to trickle out of the nozzle? Any suggestions? And if it is calcification in the nozzle, how would ya'll go about fixing that?
  3. seanUTD

    Mistking timer trouble

    I have just set up my mistking and got it aimed, filled and ready aaannnnddd..... nothing..... It has missed the last two set up intervals.... Its set to auto, time is correct, intervals are set to work every day, I let it charge.... Any ideas???? I'm so confused....
  4. seanUTD

    Permanent Cage Project

    I just got a new cage for Stanley from my family and let me tell you... it is MASSIVE!! It was used for walking sticks at an elementary school so its not meant for water but those are just minor details :) Ill be adding a drainage table inside the cage and making it able to use lights on top...
  5. seanUTD

    At wits end

    I am not sure what to do anymore with my younger panther Herbie... We received him at 1 month old and I was able to hold him that day... And since then... He hasn't been out of his cage...... Ever..... I can't go near him, I can barely feed him, he never sees real sun and I have been trying...
  6. seanUTD

    Red Bar Green Body Ambilobe (Local only- Dallas)

    A time I feared from day one has arrived... We have become unable to take care of a few of our pets due to overwhelming class schedules and work... For this I am being forced to relinquish rights to one of my beloved panthers... I am sell my youngest panther at 4.5 months old. He is a red bar...
  7. seanUTD

    The return of Stan and Herbie!!

    I know I've been gone for a bit but I thought I should DEFINITELY update on my two boys... Stan has stunted a bit in his growth, slowly being overtaken by Herbie who is at least two months younger but his colors are still extraordinary... Herbie now shows his colors at all times as some may know...
  8. seanUTD

    Meeting with a VERY big whig... Question suggestions?

    I will be meeting tomorrow with Professor Vickie Sutton who is the Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of Law and the Director of the Center for Biodefense, Law and Public Policy at Texas Tech Law School. She worked with the EPA under President Bush and she has a B.S. in Zoology and a B.S. in animal...
  9. seanUTD

    The gangs all here

    I haven't posted pics in what feels like forever and plus the fiancé wanted something teeny so I found her a house gecko so I'll post a pic of that little rascal too :) Stanley just chillin (7 months old) Herbie pissy as ever but finally showing his colors and his TEETH! ( 4 months...
  10. seanUTD

    How much would YOU charge for this colony

    Im trying to help a friend out but I don't want to get shafted myself for the work I put in... It's a small colony but its got close to 50 good adults, good male to female ratio and about 150 small nymphs, about 1 week to 1 month old... How much should I charge
  11. seanUTD

    Yet another shed

    Herbie is showing some great color after another shed :)
  12. seanUTD

    Discoloration in spots

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon – Male BB Ambilobe, almost 7 months, been in my care for 4 months Handling – Every day, we have worked with him to accept handling Feeding – Stanley is fed every other day with crickets, dubias, superworms, silks (when I have them), wild feeders like moths...
  13. seanUTD

    Small dubaia colony -DALLAS ONLY

    Hey guys my chams hate dubias so my attempts to start a colony were pretty much a waste... I have IDK how many but it's fewer than 100 but most are adults... If your in the Dallas area I'd love to make a trade... send me a PM or text me if you already have my number :) Thanks
  14. seanUTD

    Herbie's promise of AWESOME color

    I took some pics of Herbie and finally some color is coming through his pissy attitude :) We've been trying everything from hand feeding to stick trick but this little guy just likes biting and hissing a bit too much /: oh well... But his colors are looking AWESOME already... I was thrilled to...
  15. seanUTD

    Stanley 6.5 mo recent shed pics

  16. seanUTD

    Getting a pygmy!!!

    So I have two panthers and the fiancé have decided its time to get another and we have settled on something that stays "wittle:p" as the fiancé has put it haha... Unfortunately all I know about pygmy's is that they live in living terrariums and can do with little UVB so please I need advice, I...
  17. seanUTD

    Deadly 60 COMPLETELY LIED!!!

    Sorry I have to vent but I just found a real world screw up by one of the most trusted networks on television.... I was watching the episode on weaponry and literally found a segment on guess it.... CAMOUFLAGE!! And the chameleon was the focus of the segment... If I'm not mistaken they were...
  18. seanUTD

    Development of Sata- I mean Herbie >:D

    Stanley's got one so why can't Herbie... Now there is some debate into what Herbie actually is, Ambilobe or Nosy Be as the original breeder had a clutch of both and a mix up was possible... I would LOVE a Nosy Be and have been wanting one for forever... But I have NO qualms about having two...
  19. seanUTD

    Propogation SUCCESS!!!

    I'm feeling soo jazzed so I thought I would share my excitement! I have been so tired of buying bugs... Even in bulk its expensive and annoying so I have begun propagating EVERYTHING!! And finally FINALLY I got my crix to breed and now I have like 100 pinheads crawling around and more by the...
  20. seanUTD

    For all you So Cal guys...

    Just thought I would poke a little fun... What do ya'll think of these future names... Holland? Ogando? How about RANGER!! Lol sorry the game is on and I thought it was funny that theres so many So Cals out there, maybe even a few Angels fans haha
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