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  1. quikksilver8

    Chameleon Dreams???

    Hey everyone here is a random question... Do chameleons dream??? I noticed my female sleepind tonight and she was puffing up and then going back to normal and repeated this a couple times. Her eyes were closed the whole time. ANd now she's still fast asleep. I thought it was kinda funny. What do...
  2. quikksilver8

    Ziggy a little more grown (Pics)

    He looked kinda cool this afternoon. Thought I'd share as usual. He's the daddy if my eggs hatch.
  3. quikksilver8

    Is she Pregnant? (Pic)

    Just let me know, I'm pretty sure she is
  4. quikksilver8

    My new Jackson's Chameleon Hurley

    What do guys think
  5. quikksilver8

    Gravid Female Help

    Hi I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my female but my question is how long after you notice they are gravid will they lay their eggs. The other thing I noticed with her is she will only eat if i hand feed her. Its like she cant shoot her tongue verry far any more. Any advice will be...
  6. quikksilver8

    Can someone post a pic for me please

    If someone could it would be awesome if someone could post a pic to show me what a 6 month old female veiled chameleon should look like I would much appreciate it. I am pretty sure I have a gravid one and want use some pics for comparisson. Thanks in advance.
  7. quikksilver8

    Colorfull female.. Good or Bad

    Hey guys just coming to you with another question. My female veiled has been showing some nice colors lately. Does that mean she is pregnant, or can females show colors?
  8. quikksilver8

    Tongue Attack 2

    Hey guys I was reading the post about the chameleon who shoots his tongue out at people and it was funny because just yesterday I was hand feeding my two chameleons (holding both in one hand) and all of a sudden my male veiled turned towards the female and hit her in the face with his tonge. It...
  9. quikksilver8

    Mixing supplements

    Is mixing herptivite and repti-cal bad? Just wondering. Seems people have different thoughts on this.
  10. quikksilver8

    Are plants healthy for chameleons???

    One day I noticed that my veilds were chewing on the fake plants I had in their cage, soo I went outside and got them some Hibiscus leaves and flowers. (I made sure to rinse them off and made sure there were no bugs on them, and we dont use any pesticides on them.) They gobbled them up pretty...
  11. quikksilver8

    What would be harder...

    Hey guy, I'm still planing getiing another cham but wanted to know what would be harder to take care of a fischer's or a jackson's. Any advice would be verry helpfull. Thanks again.
  12. quikksilver8

    Crazy Tongue Pics

    Just bored today and thought I would share. :D
  13. quikksilver8

    Ziggy Growing and Coloring Up

    Pics of Ziggy Growing and Coloring Up Here are some pics of my veied Ziggy. Its crazy how fast they grow and start to get their cool colors. Just thought I'd share. tell me what you guys think.
  14. quikksilver8

    Jackson's compared to veild

    Hey guys I've been keeping veilds for a while now and was thinking of expanding my collections. I decided on getting a Jackson's (I think a male dwarf), I love their horns. Are they any harder to keep than a veiled? Is their cage size different. I'm planning on getting one in about two months...
  15. quikksilver8

    The bubble stump is amazing!

    Hey everyone i just purchased the bubble stump from petsmart and my baby veilds love it and drink from it all the time. Just wanted to share that with you guys incase anyone was skeptical about buying it. I see my chams down there twice a day and highly recomend it. Another pro is it is small...
  16. quikksilver8

    Best Vitamin and/or Guttload

    Hey guys got another question for you what do you use for your chams vitamin source. I currently feed my crickets the flukers cricket food and the flukers cricket quencher with calcium. I also dust my crickets with the Rep-Cal Phosphorus-Free Calcium with VIT.D3. Just wanted to check if I was...
  17. quikksilver8


    I've been debating whether or not to get a Jackson's chameleon and just had a few questions. Do jackson's get colorfull? I always see them green or brown. And also are they that much harder to take care of than a veiled? Thanks
  18. quikksilver8

    My male veiled Ziggy

    Finally took some pics of my cham... Just though i'd share. What do you guys think?
  19. quikksilver8

    Couple of newbee questions.

    Hello everyone I am new to the forums and also now an owner of a baby veiled chameleon. I just had a couple of questions and figured what better place to aske than here. First of all I was wondering what the easiest and cheapest way to mist my chameleon automatically. (dripper, misting...
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