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  1. seanUTD

    Stanley, 1.5 y.o. BB Ambilobe

    I am looking to rehome Stanley my 1.5 year old blue bar ambilobe. The sire was Clint of the forum user Red Island (BB Ambilobe) and the mother was a ambilobe breeder from FLChams so he is a pure ambilobe with stunning colors that for a time were pretty well known on this site but due to school...
  2. seanUTD

    Mistking not working

    My mistking has abruptly stopped spraying, I can hear the pump working when the cycle comes up but the water seems to trickle out of the nozzle? Any suggestions? And if it is calcification in the nozzle, how would ya'll go about fixing that?
  3. seanUTD

    black chameleon

    So first Im going to say that depending on the AGE and how high into the 90's were talking, that there isn't a problem having the basking temp for a veiled around 90... Also if it were anything to do with heat, going dark is for the most part either signs of stress or that they are absorbing...
  4. seanUTD

    Permanent Cage Project

    Unfortunately I cant /: Since classes have started I don't ever have a full day off... Wish I could though
  5. seanUTD

    your level of love for your chameleon

    Who you buy from and how the treat their animals to me is step one in the rest of that animals life... We hear to many horror stories of huge pet stores industrializing the sale of these creatures and in a way you can never guarantee me that a cham purchased from petsmart or petland will EVER...
  6. seanUTD

    Mistking timer trouble

    WORKED LIKE A CHARM!! Thank you sir!
  7. seanUTD

    Permanent Cage Project

    Furnished and ready to go!! Three words.. HE LOVES IT! Stanley has been cruising and cruising for the last 3 hours in his newly furnished MASSIVE enclosure... Its 30"x30"x72"... I had to construct the drainage table and make massive alterations to it as it was used as a walking sticks...
  8. seanUTD

    Mistking timer trouble

    I've tested it several times... Ran it on the "ON" setting to get it aimed correctly and everything, worked fine... It's just skipping all my presets.... @HOJ- I will give that a try and give it a test interval to see if that works... Thanks
  9. seanUTD

    Mistking timer trouble

    I have just set up my mistking and got it aimed, filled and ready aaannnnddd..... nothing..... It has missed the last two set up intervals.... Its set to auto, time is correct, intervals are set to work every day, I let it charge.... Any ideas???? I'm so confused....
  10. seanUTD

    Unbelievable Colors (must see)

    Dolphins??? Lions???? BEARS?????? You all seem to be forgetting ABOUT THEM BOYS!!!!!!!!!!! COWBOYS THAT IS!!!!!
  11. seanUTD

    Permanent Cage Project

    Ready for furnishing So I finally finished the work on the cage... I built a custom drainage table that fit SNUG inside the cage. The top of it is galvanized hardware mesh anchored to the table with screws... The top is a finer mesh stapled into the top... Tomorrow I will be installing my new...
  12. seanUTD

    Permanent Cage Project

    Thanks! Yea they spoil me haha... I am beginning the build phase starting on wednesday so look for it then!
  13. seanUTD

    What is this?

    Yes thats a sperm plug... And if he can see your female its not a huge deal if you don't notice behavioral changes such as him in mating colors going bonkers in his cage... You should be able to tell stress or whether or not he can see a female...
  14. seanUTD

    Permanent Cage Project

    I just got a new cage for Stanley from my family and let me tell you... it is MASSIVE!! It was used for walking sticks at an elementary school so its not meant for water but those are just minor details :) Ill be adding a drainage table inside the cage and making it able to use lights on top...
  15. seanUTD

    Red Bar Green Body Ambilobe (Local only- Dallas)

    Herbie is now spoken for :) Thanks guys for taking a look! And he will remain with a member of the forums so he is not going to disappear!
  16. seanUTD

    shameless picture fest-ambilobe 5 months

    Texans galore!! Welcome to the TX cham group! Were sort of elite if I can say so myself :p;) I make it my duty to know most of the Dallas people and Brian I "may" be at Lonestar but it will be EARLY early saturday as I work every weekend now /: But Jose is definitely a great guy... Joining in...
  17. seanUTD

    Red Bar Green Body Ambilobe (Local only- Dallas)

    Thought it may need a bump and another picture better showing his true colors... Also I have decided since it is coming towards a cooler period in my area, I WILL ship him without the cage for $200 plus shipping costs... PM me if interested
  18. seanUTD

    At wits end

    Thanks for your help guys... Unfortunately after a long talk with my fiance she has voiced that the stress of having him be like this is too much for a house hold pet... So if there are any takers for a beautiful red bar ambilobe PM... He is and will remain listed on the classifieds... Not a...
  19. seanUTD

    At wits end

    I am not sure what to do anymore with my younger panther Herbie... We received him at 1 month old and I was able to hold him that day... And since then... He hasn't been out of his cage...... Ever..... I can't go near him, I can barely feed him, he never sees real sun and I have been trying...
  20. seanUTD

    black spot on "teeth" / mouth question

    Mouth rot may start out in this way but i Haven't seen it first hand so I can't guarantee... I would say if it gets worse take a little trip to the vet
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