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  1. seanUTD

    DIY "Rain" Cage System for under $20

    So when I finally got frustrated that my cham wasn't drinking... I decided that the problem didn't lay in the amount or frequency that I was watering him, but the WAY I was watering him... So I decided to go with a method that creates rain... or rather it sprays in 360 degrees with a pressure...
  2. seanUTD

    seanUTD's Blog

  3. seanUTD

    The first month of husbandry

    So I have now completed my first month of chameleon husbandry and I thought that I would do this blog as both a collection of research I have done for those who re also starting from scratch like I did, and as a time lapse of my first chameleon Stanley.. I hope that I can be of help to those out...
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