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    R.I.P. Bubbies

    My little cham died. I put her in her outside cage because she was dark and i came back out a little while later and she was bright colored and then about an hour later. She was dead. :(:(:(:(:(:( Just yesterday she was doing better. Rest in peace Bubbies.
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    impaction and vets

    My vets told us to feed my impacted chameleon insects. Does that make sense since he cant use the bathroom?
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    How to prevent impaction

    How do you prevent your cham from getting impacted? What are the causes of impaction? Thanks
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    Cham still impacted?

    My cham was impacted for a while and he just pooped on Thursday. We took the poop to the vet to get it examined for parasites he doesn't have them. Could he still be impacted? Thanks:confused::(
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    Chameleon Impaction

    My chameleon juvenile chameleon is impacted what can I do to help him go to the bathroom?:(:confused:
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    Getting your Cham to use the bathroom

    What are methods that will help a backed up chameleon use the bathroom? Thanks
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    Chameleon not eating enough

    My juvenile chameleon isnt eating enough of his bugs. At first I thought it was hunger strike so I searched for a website for silkworms and hornworms. When they first arrived I tried the hornworms first he ate one that day and didnt try the silkworms or anymore hornworms. What could be the...
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    Light bulbs

    I use a regular incandescent bulb after I read on a website that they were alright to use and just as efficient as a heat bulb. Are they alright to use as a heat source? Thanks
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    Pet stores

    What are good websites to buy chameleon food such as silkworms hornworms and phoenix worms and other food?What are recommended foods for chameleons? Thanks
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    Chameleon breathing

    Occasionally I can hear a popping sound coming from my chameleon, what could that mean?Could something be wrong?:confused::(
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    Chameleon color

    My blue bar ambilobe panther chameleon is still a juvenile but he has red stripes.Sometimes he has pink dots on him. Im beginning to wonder if I have something besides a blue bar. Any suggestions on what he is? Thanks;)
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    Power outtage

    My powers out cause of snow what should I do about my Cham?!:(:confused:
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    Chameleons "bottom" sticking out

    :confused: My chameleon's "bottom" seems to come out like hes about to use the bathroom but it just pops out for a little while then goes back in. PLEASE HELP!
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