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  1. Sammy Grigio

    First enclosure setup

    That looks great! Very well done :)
  2. Sammy Grigio

    Lawnmower and Cham

    I had my chameleon out today while the kids were riding their four wheelers around the neighborhood and the engine noise very clearly bothered him. It's interesting you bring this up because I was thinking the same thing today. I strongly believe that motor sounds and their subsequent sub...
  3. Sammy Grigio

    be honest

    I live in Alaska. Standard metrics are challenge to hit up here, but not impossible. I make it work and I have a healthy, happy chameleon. Get or make a hybrid cage with ventilated top and side/front and glass/acrylic/polycarb panels all the way around to make controlling humidity and temps easier.
  4. Sammy Grigio

    cohabbing jacksons chameleons

    Many years ago, about 20, I was young and ignorant and loved chameleons. I loved them so much that I just absolutely had to have a female Jackson’s after having a male for a while. However I didn’t have the space, resources or working motivation to get another enclosure, so I decided to just...
  5. Sammy Grigio

    More questions:)

    Just get branches from outside and tie them together with zip ties.
  6. Sammy Grigio

    More questions:)

    Gingero, I really appreciate your videos. They really are perfect for those new to the hobby. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. OP, Gingero is absolutely right. It will take time for him to settle in and feel comfy. You definitely need to add more branches going in every direction. Try to...
  7. Sammy Grigio

    What kind of screen should I use for a homemade enclosure?

    Go hybrid and use the 1/4” hardware cloth on the sides and the 1/2” on the top.
  8. Sammy Grigio

    Question here

    I couldn’t confidently say without seeing a couple more pictures.
  9. Sammy Grigio

    Chameleon Cage

    Oh snap hahaha part of my comment was directed at another post I mixed up with yours! My bad ?.
  10. Sammy Grigio

    Chameleon Cage

    Your girl won't do well for long unless you get a linear bulb and fixture. You can buy both on Amazon. The landed cost is like $75. Its one of the most crucial parts of husbandry as without it your girl could develop irreversible MBD. For veileds' you need a 10.0 reptisun or 12% Arcadia linear...
  11. Sammy Grigio

    Chameleon Selection

    Are you referring to Neptune. I always had the idea that he was super mellow and easy going if he's the one I'm thinking of from your videos. Apologies if I'm way off base!
  12. Sammy Grigio

    Chameleon Cage

    Do you have a linear UVB bulb on top or just the dome lights? Do you have a lay bin for her yet? If not, you're really gonna want to get the correct light and a lay bin ready for her.
  13. Sammy Grigio

    Going overboard.

    Since you are putting so much time and effort into this beautiful enclosure, I strongly recommend that you check out Tamura Designs on Facebook. Take note of how he creates the branch highways and byways. Try to follow his example. I've seen SO MANY people put heart and soul into constructing...
  14. Sammy Grigio

    Going overboard.

    I say a foot because that's really how much you need in order to establish proper layering of the bioactive substrate from top to bottom. But it's not to say that you can't do it with the depth you have now. I'm sure you could make that work. Looks great dude!
  15. Sammy Grigio

    Going overboard.

    Looks awesome. As a suggestion, if you decide to go bioactive, make the bottom and a foot up the sides using acrylic panels/poly carb panels. Looks great and when done right, 100% waterproof.
  16. Sammy Grigio

    Curious about gender

    I'll bet you all my cash money's that she's a boy.
  17. Sammy Grigio

    Red runners are underrated!

    Sounds like you can keep a room full of chameleons in Phoenix without ever spending a dime on feeders!
  18. Sammy Grigio

    Just an Old Fashioned Love Song

    He’s a YBBB Ambilobe from iPardalis. Jonathan is hands down the best Ambilobe breeder in the world. He definitely has a unique yellow in him. It’s very florescent when he’s feeling super chill and sleeping of course.
  19. Sammy Grigio

    Boys being boys

    Is the white and red one a Cap Est?
  20. Sammy Grigio

    Boys being boys

    Stunners! Where did you get the icy white and red guy from?
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