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  1. sophia.correnti


    Hi, I’ve had my chameleon Hugo for around 2-3 months now. He’s a veiled male, and if you need any more info i can fill out the husbandry form. He’s bulging one eye out, and this is the second time this week. It’s also kinda near a stick and maybe he’s rubbing it on there?? I don’t know.
  2. sophia.correnti

    hugo on the run

    hugo found out my guinea pig exists today and hissed at him. for reference i’ve had hugo for almost 2 months.
  3. sophia.correnti

    hugo’s new cage!!

    a friend and i built this 2 x 2 x 4 cage, and i’m very proud of it haha. this is for my five-ish month old veiled cham.
  4. sophia.correnti

    scared about coloring

    Hi, my veiled cham is only that really lime green when i hold him and is dark green or partly tan when in his cage. more information and pictures below Your Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon, male, 4-5 months, in my care for about 3 weeks Handling - I try not to unless necessary, at most one-two...
  5. sophia.correnti

    chameleons and phones??

    my cham is OBSESSED with my iphone. he tries to lick the case, climb on it, etc. anyone else??
  6. sophia.correnti


    hi everyone!! this is my cham hugo!! he’s about 3-5 months and has been in my care for almost a month now :)
  7. sophia.correnti

    veiled chameleon colors??

    hi, i’m sophia and i’m new to the forum. i’ve had my veiled for about 2-3 weeks ago and am very prepared of course. i’ve seen many people on here saying their veiled chameleons are always light green. when i hold him, obviously not often, he’s light green, but when he’s in his cage, he’s usually...
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