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  1. ArborealSapien

    New enclosure design, with a cave!

    I am designing a new 150 gallon terrarium, hoping to keep some form of Pygmy or minor/lateralis, but I want to test the temps and humidity for quite some time to see how things look. I am not married to any species yet, I want to see how the terrarium runs and find the inhabitant that would...
  2. ArborealSapien

    Basic sleeping behavior

    What the typical sleeping behavior of a veiled chameleon? Also at what light level to they typically go to sleep in outdoor lighting, complete darkness or dusk? This is my 1st night with my chams and I am just wanting to know what to expect. Also I am doing this and assume it is as yes, but...
  3. ArborealSapien

    New poster, just getting into Chameleons!

    Hello everyone, my name is Josh, 1st time posting on these forums, but I have been reading for a few months. Looking to get into chameleon keeping and want some advice, direction, and criticism of my plans thus far. I have some experience keeping reptiles, I have a Leopard Gecko, Crested...
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