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  1. Tudatuda

    Please help— sick Jackson baby!

    I posted recently about a huge lump that has appeared under the tail (near vent) towards the left side of my Jackson’s. I’m really worried. Today he ate, but threw up one of his crickets early on. And now he’s clinging to a vine with his eyes closed and his hands looking kind of loosely gripped...
  2. Tudatuda

    Lump under tail

    I have been keeping an eye on my guy Diablo the past couple days because I haven’t noticed any poops in his cage. On closer inspection it seems he has a big lump under his tail (near vent) on his left side. I have read things about impacting or possible sperm plug impaction but I don’t know if...
  3. Tudatuda

    Please help!!!

    It seems the problems never end... at feeding time today I noticed my Jackson Cham (about 5 months old) has a white cyst-like sac on his chest area. It seems soft and puss-y... I have no idea what could have caused this. About his set up: He has an exoterra screen cage with the dual light kit...
  4. Tudatuda

    Skin Tourniquet?

    Aloha all, My baby Jackson Cham (about 4-5 months old) shed for the first time a few weeks ago. I sprayed him like crazy while it was happening but some skin managed to hang on around his arms- a little like cuffs above the elbow. It has stayed like that for a while despite attempting to gently...
  5. Tudatuda

    Lump in neck

    I have a neonate Jackson’s chameleon about 3 weeks old or less. I’ve noticed lately he has a little lump in his neck and I just want to make sure I adjust anything if needed in his feeding/watering/enclosure. I feed him gutloaded pinheads (carrots and mango in alternation). so far I’ve dusted...
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