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  1. Chris Anderson

    Brookesia therezieni shipment came in today. Need to make sure they’re all therezieni👍🏻

    Yes, the animals in 1, 2, and 4 are definitely B. therezieni. The animals in 3 and 5 may be as well, but look like B. superciliaris. If you can get higher resolution images of the sides of the base of the tail, that would help. Chris
  2. Chris Anderson

    Can anyone confirm sex on these 2

    These are Brookesia decaryi. I'd need better photos from the side of the animal with the tail base in focus to sex them, however. Chris
  3. Chris Anderson

    US Exporters!??

    Given that the accuracy of the process has legal ramifications, I doubt anyone would be willing to risk letting someone do that process for them unless somehow their name would no longer need to be the one on the permits. Chris
  4. Chris Anderson

    Furcifer Campani ( jeweled chameleons)

    Your best bet would be to talk to Kevin Stanford or Nick Henn about their experiences keeping and breeding this species. They have had more success than anyone with them, but they are a challenging species. Chris
  5. Chris Anderson

    Touching tounges on branches

    Various chameleon species are known to touch branches with the tip of their tongues (which are actually forked much like monitors and snakes), in what is often referred to as a tongue touch behavior. It hasn't been explicitly proven but it is likely that this behavior is actually an effort to...
  6. Chris Anderson

    Still trying to find mt meru Jackson

    This is by far the rarest of the T. jacksonii subspecies in captivity and most difficult to keep and breed. Since Tanzania imposed an export ban on all wildlife 3 years ago, the captive population has diminished considerably. You probably will not find any available unless Tanzania reopens to...
  7. Chris Anderson

    US Exporters!??

    Most breeders and sellers will only do an export for a large order. This is because the process of obtaining all the permits, having things inspected by the relevant management authorities, and the freight charges to do it legally is extremely time consuming and expensive. To make it worth their...
  8. Chris Anderson

    Academic access

    Unfortunately, the profit/business model the scientific journals are built on is pretty unbelievable. There has started to be a fair bit of push back from universities and funding agencies, which is good, but there is still a long way to go before it is a reasonable model. As it is now, Federal...
  9. Chris Anderson

    Verified casque use

    Not a problem. Happy to provide the full citations for any of them if desired. Yep, I am a biology professor at the University of South Dakota and my lab does research on chameleons in the lab and in the field. I am also (newly) the Chair of the IUCN/SSC Chameleon Specialist Group. Are you in...
  10. Chris Anderson

    Academic access

    Unfortunately, I don't think this would be a feasible option from the standpoint of cost. Chameleon-related research is not published in any one specific journal, but rather comes out in dozens upon dozens of different journals every year. Some of those are all managed by the larger publishers...
  11. Chris Anderson

    Verified casque use

    I would say casque size is a tradeoff as there are undoubtably costs and benefits to increased casque size. It would be energetically costly to produce a large one, for instance. I would also say, however, that if the casque was under selective pressure as an adaptation for something like...
  12. Chris Anderson

    Verified casque use

    If this were the primary function of the casque, why would it be advantageous for one sex to have a casque that is so much more weakly developed than the other sex, and for it to be so variable in development among species that live in similar habitats that could benefit from such a use? Chris
  13. Chris Anderson

    Academic access

    I'm not completely sure what it is you are suggesting, so maybe you can clarify. With regard to what chameleon related research is out there and published, there is a fair bit of research published in scientific journals every year on chameleons, but there aren't a ton of us doing research on...
  14. Chris Anderson

    C. o’shaughnessyi hatching!!!

    He looks awesome, Gene! Chris
  15. Chris Anderson

    What kind of chameleon?

    Those are Common or Mediterranean chameleons (Chamaeleo chamaeleon). Chris
  16. Chris Anderson

    Panther Chameleons and Regional Differences

    I am not aware of any sexual selection work done on panther chameleons, particularly not anything with regard to coloration. There has been some sexual selection work done on other species (Furcifer labordi, F. verrucosus, etc.), but this mostly focused on body size and morphological traits. Chris
  17. Chris Anderson

    Calumma nasutum F1 Newly Hatched

    Great job and congrats! They are looking very good and I look forward to seeing them grow, so please continue to share pictures! Chris
  18. Chris Anderson

    My paradise for the new addition

    How are you going to deal with airflow in this enclosure without any ventilation low in the enclosure and so little on the top. I keep all my chameleons in glass terrariums, but this setup won't have a chimney effect for air exchange. Chris
  19. Chris Anderson

    Veiled/ yemen chameleon id help

    No, normals would not carry the gene at all. Chris
  20. Chris Anderson

    US Hand Painted Chameleon Paintings - Hand Painted in Kenya!

    Bumping this back up. Still have a few left. Chris
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