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    Black sdier fly hatched in enclosure

    So I feed Cricket my female panther Chameleon black soldier fly larva once in a while. I have a bioactive set up that has been reviewed and I made necessary changes a couple of times. A larva must have fallen out of her mouth bc when I checked on her this morning there was what I thought was a...
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    Strange behavior

    My chameleon cricket is at least 7 mouths old. I got her in the beginning of Dec as a hatchling. She was supposed to be 1-3 months old, I know now I should have never been able to buy her this early but she was so tiny I don't think she could have been. I have attached pictures of her as a baby...
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    Should I put the fake vines back in?

    I added more branches because my Chamaeleon, Cricket, grew and she looked uncomfortable on the stick she sits to bask. Originally I had some fake vines in this cage because all of my Vining plants are pretty new. They’ve started to take off but there still is not a lot of vines to climb. I have...
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    Do I need to Change the size of branches as they grow?

    My Chamaeleon, Cricket, was very tiny when I first got her and now she’s about six months old. The initial branches I put in there seem a little tiny for her. Her feet wrap all the way around them and lately I’ve seen her walking on the live plants more than the branches. I’m wondering if I...
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    New enclosure and Cricket the Cham seems stressed

    I got my baby panther chameleon named cricket in December he or she could’ve been up to one month old. The initial set up they had was completely wrong and after researching I started to change everything. I got my new cage set up with live plants but there is artificial vines in it as well...
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    Meet Cricket the Recovery Chameleon

    I got this little one about a month ago. I have read how to tell what sex she/he is but no experience so I was hoping some of you could help me. I really appreciate this thread and bc of it have started to completely change I husbandry. Also is their a way to tell how old Cricket is? Just a...
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