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  1. Psi

    Swollen Eyeball (not from cleaning)

    Hey, This just happened about 2 days ago, was putting in a male to breed this female, but she wasn't allowing it, so I separated them and the next day she started to progressively get worse around her eye. She has occasionally been rubbing it against some of the ficus branches. It hasn't...
  2. Psi

    Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo (Sept 17/18)

    Just wanted to through this up here. CRBE is this weekend and it should be a great show (after the last few duds that have happened lately). Harry (Chroma) Drew (ChamNation) Marty (MistKing) Myself (Squamata Reptiles) Will all have booths at the show. Hope to see anyone that comes here stop...
  3. Psi

    The wait begins on 73 Veiled Eggs

    I hope they don't all hatch at the same time, but they will, I can already feel it lol :rolleyes: That's just one of the containers for them. Geez.
  4. Psi

    Finally :D

    Figured I missed this season completely, but no, the male finally realized he had a job to do :D
  5. Psi

    Baby with Eye issues

    Hey, Just noticed today that my ~3-4 week old I hatched was sitting on the bottom of his baby bin. He's got a repti-sun 5 overhead and the basking spot is ~80-82*F. When I checked him out after picking him up I could tell that he isn't really using his eyes. He also seems to sway heavily from...
  6. Psi

    No Interest in Laying Bin?

    Anyone had a gravid cham not want to use the laying bin you've setup for them? It's a 50/50 mix of playsand and soil. She was digging around the bottom of the cage on the paper towels but hasn't quite figured out what the big thing of dirt is in her cage. Also she's lost about 5g...
  7. Psi

    5 week growth rate (weight)

    Hey, Just wondering if this seems like a good growth for my group. First Weight Feb 1: Male 1: 112g Approx Age 9mo Male 2: 29g Approx Age 5mo Female 1: 32g Approx Age 5mo Weight Today Male 1 : 127g Approx Age 10mo Male 2: 51g Approx Age 6mo Female 1: 43g Approx Age 6mo Female 2: 11g Approx...
  8. Psi

    UVB Tube brightness 18" vs 48"

    So my dad had a 48" dual bulb fixture lying around and now that I have the two cages next to each other at the same height I was planning to use it so I can use 1 tube instead of 2. My question is I picked up the 48" reptisun 5.0 yesterday and it doesn't seem nearly as bright as the 18" tube...
  9. Psi

    18x18x36 cage in ontario

    Hey, I'm looking for a used cage in Ontario, trying to avoid shipping as US-Can shipping usually costs more then cross country in the US :( I'm tight on cash but need to separate my two really young females in the near future. Let me know what you have.
  10. Psi

    Poorly Diagnosed RI?

    Cage Info: * Cage Type - 16x16x30 ExoTerra Mesh * Lighting - 5.0 Reptiglow linear Tubes * Temperature - Basking 88, Rest ~80. Overnight low currently 67-70. Measured with digital thermometer/humidity device * Humidity - Generally 50-65, this is my hardest issue currently...
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