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  1. GrayMadder

    Fired Up Fridays

    Pre fired up friday, Shenron!! 😍😅
  2. GrayMadder

    Chameleon Coming!!

    You are doing great! Patience and consistency are key. It took mine about 5-6 months of steadily working w him to finally get him to climb on my hand. Even then it's only bc I have a treat, and he will eat then wait about 10 seconds before he starts reaching back for his enclosure 😂
  3. GrayMadder

    Photos of My Sweet Blue Boy Hank From Yesterday

    He looks so great! 😍 WOW! Healthy and colorful!! Such a beautiful boy!!
  4. GrayMadder

    I have too many animals

    I'll have some babies from him soon!! The mama is super spotty too!! 😉 LOL
  5. GrayMadder

    Does my chameleon wants to kill me?

    I love him!!! 😍😍😍
  6. GrayMadder

    I have too many animals

    This spotty guy!
  7. GrayMadder

    Neck poofs

    It would also be important to know we have people in these forums from all over the world. I'm sure it was a typo, but for future reference not everyone speaks English as a first language. 😉
  8. GrayMadder

    Will my Chameleon ever be used to me?

    It looks like you got a lot of help and great info from some awesome people here. Welcome to the forums! I will say, even once husbandry is addressed it can take 6 months or longer depending on your strategy for working with your chameleon. Patience and consistency are your best friend! Also...
  9. GrayMadder

    Black Spot

    Maybe some clearer pics? Very hard to see these.
  10. GrayMadder

    Beman in all his glory

    What a handsome boy!! 🥰🥰
  11. GrayMadder

    I have too many animals

  12. GrayMadder

    My home made enclosure

    Seriously so amazing!!! You have some skill!! LOVE it!!!
  13. GrayMadder

    Jacksons chameleon discolored tail

    Super informative!! Thanks for sharing this!! 💕
  14. GrayMadder

    I have too many animals

    I def don't think anyone should purposely breed Leatherback x Leatherback. They are harder to take care of and a lot of people will neglect their care. It's best to pair a normal scale with a Leatherback so you get a good variety and no silkies! However! A good friend of ours had a pairing he...
  15. GrayMadder

    Jacksons chameleon discolored tail

    Hope your cham recovers! I have never seen crickets do anything like this. I have seen small bites from crickets and superworms on animals but never blood like this. It looks like quite a bit from this pic IMO this wouldn't be caused from a cricket bite. I would definitely take a look at your...
  16. GrayMadder

    Nosy Faly - Male or Female?

    Honestly, I would do a vet exam before you look into selling. Unfortunately where you purchased from she could have parasites or something else underlying that you wouldn't want to push off onto someone else. Definitely disclose where you purchased from too in your sale. Just my two cents. ❤
  17. GrayMadder

    I have too many animals

    I have so many!! 😂 I have a lot on our IG too @blackthorn_dragons Here's a couple of them!!
  18. GrayMadder

    I have too many animals

    Omg! So after starting a small hobby breeding reptiles with my best friend, we have...... drum roll please 1 chameleon 22 bearded dragons 1 clutch of dragon eggs incubating 4 Chinese cave geckos 4 crested geckos 4 axolotls Colonies of different isopods 4 aquariums with various fish (probably...
  19. GrayMadder

    Another Jack update

    Jack is gorgeous 😍😍
  20. GrayMadder

    Woohoo this took 4 months to grow

    Awesome!! And creepy 🤣🤣🤣
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