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  1. jannb

    Some afternoon pics

    Gorgeous guy!
  2. jannb

    Chameleon Enthusiast!

    Normally, or it use to depend on forum participation.
  3. jannb

    Chameleon Enthusiast!

    That would be Chase that posted above. He joined in 2007 so he would be veteran or whatever. He helped here for many years and took a break and now back. When the forums had a major update years ago the new grading system went in and that’s when members went back to new. With the old system it...
  4. jannb

    Happy hatch day Ezekiel

    Happy Hatch Day to your handsome boy! 💕
  5. jannb

    Chameleon Enthusiast!

    Thank you Brad! It just doesn’t seem right that someone that’s been here less than a year have the same title as the active members that have been here for 10+ years.
  6. jannb

    Chameleon Enthusiast!

    Since there’s not very many of us active, why can’t we pick our own short title? I’d like to be the chameleon whisperer or the reptile whisperer. @kinyonga do you have any special title that you would like? Anyone else that’s been here for 10 plus years?
  7. jannb

    need help finding vet in my area!

    You need to go see Dayna. She is excellent with chameleons and a member of the forums.
  8. jannb

    I'm failing at social media🙃

    You can send them a private message and the them about the forums. That’s what I do.
  9. jannb

    Hammy and Ivy Baby Thread

    Keep working on her.
  10. jannb

    Hammy and Ivy Baby Thread

    Hello Pistachio! Your a pretty girl. 💕💕💕 Your mommy needs to cut back on your food and heat. Two clutches in 14 months is allot. Some of the girls haven’t even laid a clutch yet.
  11. jannb

    Swollen casque

    Are you seeing Dr. Thielen? She is on a TV show there and should be good. Dr. Greg Moore DMV is Lao suppose to be good. 817-481-2014 200 W State Hwy 114, Southlake TX 76092
  12. jannb

    Panther Chameleon Supplies/Care/Baby/etc. Email Jillian and Alex, tell them you are a beginner and they will make sure you get an older baby.
  13. jannb

    Panther Chameleon Supplies/Care/Baby/etc.

    I have some friends that are excellent keepers with baby panthers and a couple male veileds right now. Here’s their website.
  14. jannb

    Panther Chameleon Supplies/Care/Baby/etc.

    Where are you getting your chameleon? A baby is pretty difficult for a beginner. I wouldn’t let my panther babies go until 4 months old.
  15. jannb

    Photos of My Pets

    I don’t really have a how-to thread but I have an older thread in the free range section of the forums that tells a bit about them and more pictures. I’ll get you the link.
  16. jannb

    Photos of My Pets

    Thank you. Thank you! Your chameleon would love a condo.
  17. jannb

    Egg bound surgery

    I’m glad to hear that she’s doing well. Please keep us posted on her progress.
  18. jannb

    Sign of MBD or typical baby behavior?

    D3 shouldn’t be used but once or twice a month.
  19. jannb

    Photos of My Pets

    Maybe because I love them so much. ❤️ Are these your other pets? Thank you Amanda. I miss Emma and I really miss Dulce since she had been part of our family for 11 years. Here’s Dulce’s tribute. I thought I posted Emma’s here, too but I can’t find it...
  20. jannb

    Photos of My Pets

    The picture posted was to show the corrals I use. That was a set up for the babies to hang out on when they were not in their outside enclosures, they took turns on the little tree. It only had a small wattage basking light. My adults have condos with trees next to them and the top of the condos...
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