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  1. shrink9

    Exotic Black Soldier Fly larvae

    I have fed both black soldier fly larvae and Phoenix worm larvae. Because the black soldier fly larvae get significantly larger than any Phoenix worms I have had, I have been inclined to think that they are not in fact the same. Just my thoughts on the subject.
  2. shrink9

    Does this look like something to worry about?

    No change in habits--appetite still strong; activity level still good.Her skin feels different where the dark areas are.
  3. shrink9

    Does this look like something to worry about?

    I have a female nosey bey approximately 1 year old. Check out the attached picture of her. Do the spots on her abdomen look like something to be concerned about? I haven't experienced this before and wonder what those of you with more experience might suggest. Thank you. Allen
  4. shrink9

    Silkworm question

    Excellent videos! Very impressive!!
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    Help with silkworm eggs

    Ok, so I followed the advice Malicious gave on previous post (see below) and have been successful at keeping silkworms alive. HOORAY!!! I have tried other strategies in the past to no avail. Thank you very much, Malicious. My question now is this: In light of the coming hot weather, I would...
  6. shrink9

    How to get chams interested in roaches

    Hi, I have been very successful with my roach colony. The only problem I have is not getting my chams interested in the roaches. Any suggestions on how you do it? They tend to want to hide when I release them in the cham cages. How do you handle this issue? Thanks. Allen
  7. shrink9

    Anyone heard from Jason at Herpmist?

    Thank both of you. I appreciate it. I will search the forum. I certainly hope that Jason recovers soon.
  8. shrink9

    Anyone heard from Jason at Herpmist?

    Has anyone had any correspondence with Jason at Herpmist in the past three weeks? I have emailed him twice but have gotten no reply. I hope that he is ok. If anyone on this board can help, it would be appreciated. I want to heat the water that my misting system uses. I think that it would be...
  9. shrink9

    foggers / misting system

    I am setting up my misting system today and wonder if I need to worry about runoff. Do you catch the runoff somehow? Is the mist such that I don't need to worry about having water get all over the floor of the room where they are kept? I have horror images of having to mop up a mess made by all...
  10. shrink9

    lllreptiles crickets?

    I also am very fond of Premium Crickets. Mike has been excellent to work with and the quantity always exceeds (in my estimation) what was ordered. He has my business! Allen
  11. shrink9

    best place to buy supers???

    I am fond of the quality of supers (and crickets) that I get from Mike at I buy supers 500 at a time and my chams love them. Mike offers very good service to customers. Please check him out. Allen
  12. shrink9

    *New* Insta Cage!

    I hope that the weather is nice for you guys today. Here in Chicago it is VERY cold!! I will place an order with Chad in the next few days. Thanks. Allen
  13. shrink9

    *New* Insta Cage!

    Is the floor made of screen too? These look really great. Also, I don't see them on your website. Are they a product that you plan to carry regularly or just temporarily? thank you. Allen
  14. shrink9

    Breeders for sale

    What a beautiful cham--DH. If I only had more space!!!
  15. shrink9

    Baby food w/additives for cricket gutload

    How about using agar agar and making a gellatin mixture that could be easily managed. Agar agar is a great food substance and I use it regularly, boiled with water then cooled, to feed superworms and mealworms. Works very well. Look up the food value of agar agar--it would be a great supplement...
  16. shrink9

    Wondering about Sandfire Superfood's "chamleon dust".

    The website states that effective immediately, they will no longer stock the supplements. I wonder what happened? I would be cautious about using the supplements until I learned why they stopped carrying the product. Just my 2 cents worth! Allen
  17. shrink9

    Dead Cham

    I am sad to hear your news. I know the awful feeling of finding a cham that has died. I can't describe how I felt that day--as if my heart was in my feet. Such an awful feeling. Since then, I head to the vet as soon as there are any indications of a problem that I haven't encountered. Peace be...
  18. shrink9


    Thank you both for the info. I will follow up on the Cricket Crack. Allen
  19. shrink9


    I just tried to order more Cricket Gutload from but cannot get it to load. Does anyone know if this site is still in operation? I hope so--my crickets really like their Premium Blend Advanced Gutload. Allen Newkirk
  20. shrink9

    Silkworm Pictures

    In your photos, it looks like you have the silkworm chow directly on the bottom of the plastic tub. Do you recommend this? How do you keep them out of their poop this way? I would like to try it. Allen Newkirk
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