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  1. Zeyna04

    Neville ate locust shedding!

    Hi guys! Been a while again, hope you’re all well. Neville is almost 9 months now, can’t believe it! Anyhow, he hasn’t eaten in 6 days but is still drinking water. (I followed forum advice about not panicking unless it exceeds a week and he has no other symptoms). I woke up this morning to see a...
  2. Zeyna04

    Neville (Update)

    Been a while, I hope everyone is doing well! Just an update on Neville. I think he’s doing well. Coming up to 7 months soon❤️Couple of curious questions. A) I know they eat less food and less frequently as they get older but he’s dropped down to 4 locust a day and won’t eat more than that, is it...
  3. Zeyna04

    My little model Neville

    Look at my little guy? 5 months old now?
  4. Zeyna04

    Skip Calcium tomorrow?

    So my baby boy Neville usually eats locusts with his supplements dusted over them accordingly. Tomorrow he’s due for his main one, the calcium without d3. Now, this morning they were out of locusts at the local shop so i had to get him crickets as the other locust were too big or too small...
  5. Zeyna04

    Neville likes the spray bottle?

    So, Neville is definitely hydrated to my knowledge. His urate is always white. But the last few days when I spray his enclosure he comes up to the bottle like he wants to drink directly from it. He doesn’t come directly in range of the water but always just beside it and he tried tilting his...
  6. Zeyna04

    Neville’s back from his check up!

    Happy to say Neville is back from his first general check up. While he did get a bit feisty and bite the vet (although to be fair to him she was looking at his cute little toosh), I’m relieved to say he is the picture of health. He’s got a good weight, he is parasite-free, shows no signs of MBD...
  7. Zeyna04

    Neville’s sassy pose✨

  8. Zeyna04

    Update on Neville’s Health

    To Benman, NashanCamos, SerbianChameleon and Benji the Cham, Just to update you guys in regards to my last post concerning Neville’s health. I have followed your advice. I got a Hygrometer and a Temperature Gun. Everything was the correct heat and humidity. I have moved the uvb to go diagonally...
  9. Zeyna04

    Transporting Neville to the Vets?

    So, next week Neville is going for his first visit to the vets for a general check up since I want to take him every 6 months or so to make sure he’s doing well. But I’m going to have to go by car. What’s the best way to transport him in the car? What kind of container? Does it need padding or...
  10. Zeyna04

    Neville goes outside

    Neville had his first bask in the garden today❤️ And a few other pictures of my beautiful son? isn’t he the cutest bub? (4 months old now?)
  11. Zeyna04

    Colour okay?

    So I understand that he’s supposed to go dark to absorb light, but he’s not even in the basking spot. He’s been in the low spot all day with darker colours than usual. Should I be worried or is this normal? Neville is a 4 month old panther by the way. Sorry I couldn’t get a clearer picture of...
  12. Zeyna04

    Shedding too soon?

    Just out of curiosity, my 4 month old chameleon is shedding just after 2 weeks of his last. I read it’s supposed to be every 3-4 weeks, is a week early okay? Thank you
  13. Zeyna04

    Found a Locust Borer

    So while I was giving Neville’s enclosure an extra spray of water on account of the current hot conditions, I noticed a strange insect scuttling around the enclosure. It was a Locust Borer. I’m not 100% sure how it got in there as I feed all of Neville’s food to him by hand so I assume a Locust...
  14. Zeyna04

    Healthy Weight

    What with the pandemic and everything, I won’t be able to register my new baby chameleon to a vet anytime soon. But I’m going to give him quick basic health checks every few weeks or so. He’s a 3 month old panther chameleon, his urate was a healthy colour, his eyes seem fine, he’s eating an...
  15. Zeyna04

    Day 2: Neville the Nosy Be - Shedding?

    Hello. It’s day 2 with my 3 month old chameleon Neville. I’m happy he was under his basking lamp this morning when I got up. I was slightly worried yesterday as he hadn’t basked at all but thanks to the advice on the forum I was able to understand all in good time as it was only his first day...
  16. Zeyna04

    Neville Settling in

    His dark colours from the stress of the move have faded now after a few hours, really happy to see he’s getting on well so far in his new habitat. Still holding off the handling but it’s only day 1.
  17. Zeyna04

    Juvenile Chameleon not basking

    I know I sound very paranoid. I’ve only had my little one for 5 hours now but I want to make sure everything is okay as a noob chameleon mum. My Juvenile chameleon (3 months old) has been put in his new vivarium. He’s eating, he’s drinking, but he doesn’t seem to have gone to the basking spot at...
  18. Zeyna04

    Chameleon drinking from Humidifier

    Had my baby chameleon for just 2 hours now and he seems to be sticking his head up in the air and opening his mouth when the humidifier comes on. He did drink water from the leaves afterwards, but is this behaviour normal? Thank you. (I’m a noob)
  19. Zeyna04

    My new Chameleon!

    This is Neville the Panther Chameleon! He’s 3 months old and picked him up only an hour ago. I’m happy to see he is exploring his new home and managed to feed him 4 of 6 small locusts with no issues. Can’t wait to see him grow, I’m in love already ❤️
  20. Zeyna04

    Basking Lamp

    I’m getting my little chameleon tomorrow (very excited)! I have my enclosure all set up but I was wondering if I need to turn the basking lamp off at night with the UVB lamp? I’ve heard that if I can maintain the correct temperature in the room or doesn’t have to be on. Is this correct? (By the...
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