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  1. edub2017

    all grown up

    My guy has grown alot since i first joined this forum in May, got some nice colors too. Just thought I'd share the pics. 05/15/06 10/11/06
  2. Image009


  3. edub2017

    A Shock

    You guys are fun. Some life to the forums, finally. :cool:
  4. edub2017

    A Shock

    I will take that last comment with a grain of salt considering your recent brush with "foot-in-mouth". The only thing i gathered about your ethics, i gathered from your own words. They are here on this forum, everyone can see them. Explain to me how you can say no serious chameleon person would...
  5. edub2017

    A Shock

    I believe that the whole idea of selling them so that they can be researched further, bred and carefully monitered, etc. sounds like an admirable thing to do. However, since this thread has a stern and matter-of-fact vibe, let's be frank. This is a business decision. Nothing more. Trust me on...
  6. edub2017

    A Shock

    Tyler's response to original post about translucent veileds: "Interesting, but most chameleon people that saw it just got a good laugh about it.... Not much potential for market a deformed chameleon.... They're fragile enough when they're not retarted."...
  7. edub2017


    Are you serious? what are you, a panda?
  8. edub2017

    Who says Veileds are bland chameleons?

    oh, and, a panther would think twice before calling a veiled bland to his face. I wouldn't give any panther two seconds against my guy. Samba, Nosy be, whatever....bring it on. Not that i would really consider pinning two species against one another, but let's have some fun. Who do you believe...
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  10. edub2017

    Who says Veileds are bland chameleons?

    Here is a picture of my veiled i took with a mega-pixle digital camera-phone, so it is a bit small. Right after a shower.
  11. edub2017

    R.I.P Steve Irwin

    how terrible Wow, this is the toughest post i have made thus far. Steve was an amazing man, with a wonderful heart. He absolutely loved animals--especially, reptiles-- and spent as much time as he could towards conservation. I am twenty-one years old and in my short time have been immensley...
  12. edub2017

    Where is Coastal Silkworms?

    Im sorry.... I misunderstood the question.... They are out of the country for a week or so, maybe this is why they took the site down.
  13. edub2017

    Where is Coastal Silkworms?

    They are on the coast of florida... i want to say near jaxonvilee?
  14. edub2017

    Croton Plant

    Crotons are safe, i love them because they are so colorful.:)
  15. edub2017

    Super Worms

    Superworms are good feeders because of their low chitin and their ability to be gutloaded. However, chameleons should not be fed exclusively anything, even silkworms which are arguably the best feeder. Variety is the name of the game, the more the better. Don't forget that the bedding these guys...
  16. edub2017

    Chameleon emergency!

    Im so sorry, you must be devastated. You have a uniqe chance though, to do something special and save this chameleon's life. Best of luck to you and your guy.
  17. edub2017

    Biting eh?

    To the locals, they are not exotic.
  18. edub2017

    Biting eh?

    The hand feeding method is tried and true. It works by associating interactions with positive experiences. I believe that the only reason my veiled isn't aggressive (i.e. trying to bite) is because each time i have to handle him I make sure that at least part of the interaction is positive for...
  19. edub2017

    Maybe off topic, but can you identify?

    Looks like an all you can eat cham. buffet to me.
  20. edub2017

    Eye problem

    We are all pulling for ya'. I just know your guy will make a full recovery! PLEASE keep us updated.
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