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    Nosy boraha breeder

    I’m in search of someone who breeds nosy borahas I was wondering if anyone knows of a reputable breeder who has them
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    Enclosure advice

    I have about a 4 month old panther chameleon in a reptibreeze chameleon kit screened in enclosure I believe it 16x16x36, I have the zoo med dual lighting system with a 5.0 uvb light and a 60 watt blue day light, I keep the basking spot at about 85-90 and the bottom of the cage is about 75, at...
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    So I have a new young chameleon with a screened cage I’m running a reptifogger I have a humidifier in the room close by running at 50% humidity and I mist with a spray bottle 2-3 times a day for 1-2 mins I know humidity levels are good but should I also be running a dripped for drinking water or...
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    My new panther. Male or female?

    Hello I just got a panther chameleon and I’m having a hard time sexing it. I would like to know because I was looking into how females lay eggs even if not introduced to males and can possibly get egg bound in looking to find out the necessary steps I will need to take in the near future to make...
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