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  1. shrink9

    Does this look like something to worry about?

    I have a female nosey bey approximately 1 year old. Check out the attached picture of her. Do the spots on her abdomen look like something to be concerned about? I haven't experienced this before and wonder what those of you with more experience might suggest. Thank you. Allen
  2. shrink9

    Help with silkworm eggs

    Ok, so I followed the advice Malicious gave on previous post (see below) and have been successful at keeping silkworms alive. HOORAY!!! I have tried other strategies in the past to no avail. Thank you very much, Malicious. My question now is this: In light of the coming hot weather, I would...
  3. shrink9

    How to get chams interested in roaches

    Hi, I have been very successful with my roach colony. The only problem I have is not getting my chams interested in the roaches. Any suggestions on how you do it? They tend to want to hide when I release them in the cham cages. How do you handle this issue? Thanks. Allen
  4. shrink9

    Anyone heard from Jason at Herpmist?

    Has anyone had any correspondence with Jason at Herpmist in the past three weeks? I have emailed him twice but have gotten no reply. I hope that he is ok. If anyone on this board can help, it would be appreciated. I want to heat the water that my misting system uses. I think that it would be...
  5. shrink9


    I just tried to order more Cricket Gutload from but cannot get it to load. Does anyone know if this site is still in operation? I hope so--my crickets really like their Premium Blend Advanced Gutload. Allen Newkirk
  6. shrink9

    starting Blaptica dubia colony

    I am going to purchase 200 Blaptica dubia roaches and wonder how you experienced breeders would recommend housing them. Is one tub enough? This will be a combination of sizes with approximately 60 being adults. How long before I should expect more young ones from the adults? Thank you for your...
  7. shrink9

    Cricket Food Salsa

    Anyone have the recipe they use to make Cricket Food Salsa? I read it once but haven't been able to locate it since. Any input is appreciated. Allen
  8. shrink9

    It's Japanese Beetle time here ...

    It's Japanese Beetle time here and I was wondering........there must be something that they are useful for. Do you think that the chams would eat them? My understanding is that they live as grubs before emerging as beetles. I hate them with a passion (as do our roses) and would feel like I was...
  9. shrink9

    Cham ate dirt

    Yesterday I had my chams outside with me. I let one of them climbing on a wooden fence for exercise and exploration. Well, I let him get too low on the fence and he ate a bite of dirt. Should I be concerned? He looks fine this morning. Thank you. Allen
  10. shrink9

    Question about Bacterial Infections

    Today I lost my beautiful Nosy Be (see pic in avitar). He has been ill for over a month and fought a good fight; however, the bacterial infections won out. We have been giving him antibiotics prescribed by our vet (exotic animal vet); however, the infection was just too much. Here are my...
  11. shrink9

    Rainmaker I Pro System

    Does anyone have experience with the Rainmaker I Pro System. It is a bit pricey; however, if it would make my chams' lives better, I'd do it. I currently use a drip system utilizing medical feeding bags/tubes (like IV bags) filled with water. Let me know if you have any experience with the...
  12. shrink9

    Rot Guard

    Has anyone had any experience using Rot Guard by Nature Zone? I just purchased a bottle from LLL Reptile. Just wondering what are your thoughts about this product. Allen
  13. shrink9

    Will these eggs be viable?

    OK, so it's a live-and-learn hobby, right? I did a bang-up job preparing a bucket for my little girl (Nosy Be). She must have approved because she layed 22 eggs in it yesterday. My question is this: I apparently used too much water when I prepared the soil/sand mixture. After she dug her...
  14. shrink9

    How long before I introduce female to male after egg laying?

    Hi, everybody! One of my Nosy Be females layed eggs yesterday/today. Since this is the first time for me, I am wondering how long I should wait before I try introducing her to one of my other males? I don't want to wait until after she lays another batch of eggs since I do not know who she...
  15. shrink9

    My Panther Cham Zeb

    I want to share this photo of my 10-month-old panther named Zeb. He is not only beautiful, but also incredibly friendly--he loves spending time on me or around me. It is amazing that such a beautiful animal exists but then add his demeanor and it is nothing less than magical! Enjoy! Allen
  16. shrink9

    Question about breeding Nosy Be females

    I recently purchased two female Nosy Bes that were born in April 2007. They have reportedly already had one clutch of eggs each. My concern is this: they are a little younger than I would like to breed; however, both of them have been in gravid colors for several days now. Should I offer them a...
  17. shrink9

    Selecting breeding pairs

    How do you experienced breeders decide which male/female to pair up? Do you do it based on color (eg bluebar male with bluebar female, redbar male with redbar female)? I know not to breed hybrids and since I only have ambilobes and nosy be chams, I won't breed outside their respective locales...
  18. shrink9

    Dark Spot Just Below Mouth on Panther

    I have a very nice young female (6 months old) who has developed a dark black spot on the left side just below her mouth. The black looks like it would if I had taken a black magic marker to her mouth. I don't know if this is something to be concerned about or not but I am going to try to attach...
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