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  1. ashie

    Can my cham eat carrots? Vitamin A deficiency

    My 4 month old chameleon currently has a vitamin a deficiency and which has made it hard for him to see and there for he’s not eating the dubia roaches, i’m syringe feeding him now to make sure he’s eating and getting vitamins and I’ve read that carrots are good for gutloading, I was wondering...
  2. ashie

    Help needed! Vitamin A deficiency

    Hey everyone, i’m really worried about my veiled chameleon, he’s about 4 months and i’ve been having lots of issues with him lately and took him into the best reptile vet in la and they said he was fine but potentially suffering from a vitamin a deficiency. I do believe that is the issue as...
  3. ashie

    urgent help needed!

    hey everyone, i’m really worried about my chameleon, he has been acting very strange lately and I can’t seem to find the right help, and we brought him into the vet about a week or so ago and they said he was fine just dehydrated and we were told to take him off calcium but his behavior has not...
  4. ashie

    Chameleon eye bubble and bulging

    Hey everyone! I’m new here this is my first post and i’ve only had a chameleon about 2.5 months now so I have a lot of questions still! We just had a health scare because we thought he might have a respiratory infection, turns out he just hasn’t been drinking enough water so he got a needle and...
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